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But then conveniently, Oswald was iced by Jack Ruby.

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Just before he could give his testimony.

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As a matter of fact so many people see through the bullshit that at the actual JFK museum, the historical plaque that says "...where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot and killed John Fitzpatrick Kennedy..."

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Holy shit

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has been boxed in.

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People scratched the hell out of it.

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To give it emphasis.

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No one thinks it was legit anymore.

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Wew, so what's the most plausible alternative for who killed him?

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Johnson went to the CIA and FBI to stage an assassination with a communist dissident as the scape goat.

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This is because had JFK stayed in power he would've either completely abolished or greatly reduced the power and influence of both of those organizations.

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He even said,

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"I will shatter the CIA into a billion pieces and scatter it to the wind."

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Also the last PSA he gave before he died was one about the awareness of secret societies in America attempting to subvert its governmental structure.

2018-01-25 05:38:39 UTC  

People believe that was what drove in the final death nail as far as the Feds were concerned.

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If a cap limit isn't put on the number of those who receive amnesty from DACA, the proposed 700k granted amnesty could jump to nearly four million

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@Thomas you gave that quick rundown on JFK very well

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One question: I see one of the mostly used attacking point on Israel from /ourguy/s is that "IDF kills innocent Palestanians". Do you really care those arab pesants and think they are innocent? Or do you just use it as a useful narrative? If you just use it as a tool, why this? Since most of the hatred on America is from the exact same reason.

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Ya, I don't understand that argument because I dfont care about Arabs being killed

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I don't give a shit about Arabs. The main argument ought to be, on top of the wanton slaughter of innocence,

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that they are incredibly subversive.

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@🎭🎵 Know your enemy and expect no surprises.

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the ZOG 😡

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Ted Cruz pointed out that Tech Companies have to host politically neutral forums in order to avoid legal liability under the CDA, this is something that can reinforce Paul Nehlens shall not censor legislation

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Ladies and gentlemen behold,

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the sound which had awoken the (((serpent))).

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DOJ to target 23 Sanctuary Jurisdictions in five states with total fines amounting to 53 million dollars

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>dramatic restrictions on immigration going forward


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Christ. @Nicholas J Fuentes Give us something here, Nick.

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That is why I am suprised. James has not said "Trump now officially cucked", and Nick has not brought any new analysis.

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You: Hello, my name is (your name. I’m a constituent from (home town). Could I please speak to the Legislative Assistant who handles immigration? l
Congressional Office: Hi, this is XXXX, how can I help you?
You: Hello, this is (your name) from (home town). I'm calling to ask that the Representative (or Senator) support comprehensive immigration reform by supporting Representative Steve King’s Birthright Citizenship Act of 2017. I’m an American citizen that is proud of my country's heritage and culture, and based on my values I want to put America First. As a supporter of President Donald Trump during the election I believe we must have a strong stance on immigration and no amnesty. l
Congressional Office: They’ll say some random stuff. l
You: Thank you for your time. I hope that Rep. (or Sen.) XXXX will support this much needed legislation.

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How can I get this to spread guys. We all should call tomorrow.