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2018-07-27 21:37:37 UTC  

There鈥檚 some overlap between libertarianism and classical liberals, some libertarians call themselves classical liberals.

2018-07-27 21:38:11 UTC  

It鈥檚 one of those things with small differences I feel like that mean the same thing lol I don鈥檛 know why they鈥檙e two separate roles

Hmm 馃

2018-07-27 21:38:49 UTC  

@Your Long Lost Virginity
Can you explain to me?

2018-07-27 21:39:27 UTC  
2018-07-27 21:40:01 UTC  

Difference in classical liberal and Libertarianism?
They鈥檙e almost the same thing, no?

2018-07-27 21:40:09 UTC  


2018-07-27 21:40:27 UTC  

Classical liberals believe in slightly greater govt power than libertarians

2018-07-27 21:40:58 UTC  

They may support small and minimum sufficient gun registration for example

2018-07-27 21:41:13 UTC  

And like me they are much more in favor of antitrust laws than libertarians

2018-07-27 21:41:42 UTC  

And in some cases govt funded infrastructure and museums etc

2018-07-27 21:42:14 UTC  

From the center it goes to social liberal then classical liberal then libertarian then minarchist then ancap

2018-07-27 21:42:15 UTC  

Yeah haha, ideologies like that have a lot of overlap and are sometimes vague to me with no clear definitions. XD

2018-07-27 21:42:25 UTC  

Yeah it's really wierd lol

Whats a ancap

2018-07-27 21:42:44 UTC  

Scroll up

2018-07-27 21:42:45 UTC  

Did you know the political compass was designed to make people think they were libertarian

2018-07-27 21:42:49 UTC  


And minarchist

2018-07-27 21:43:13 UTC  

I鈥榙 believe it.

Oh monarchist I think is what you meant?

2018-07-27 21:43:48 UTC  

Minarchists believe that govt is basically a formality or should be only localised, anarchocapitalist means no govt and an unregulated free market

2018-07-27 21:43:49 UTC  

No nigga

2018-07-27 21:44:03 UTC  

Minarchy is minimum govt

2018-07-27 21:44:16 UTC  

It's confusing ik lol

2018-07-27 21:44:22 UTC  

Here I'll send you something

2018-07-27 21:44:47 UTC  

Well then I鈥檇 say Fear places as a Right libertarian.

2018-07-27 21:44:57 UTC  

Send me ur results if you wanna take that test

What ever category you would put the founding fathers in is me I guess

2018-07-27 21:45:06 UTC  

I'll keep him as that for now

2018-07-27 21:45:12 UTC  

Ok well

2018-07-27 21:45:20 UTC  

The founding fathers also had differing opinions

2018-07-27 21:45:42 UTC  

Well to be fair our founding fathers didn鈥檛 have parties XD, nor did they want parties. Haha.

Washington: No parties!
*Dies, And multiple parties form.*

2018-07-27 21:45:44 UTC  

Classical liberal or right libertarian is generally what they were

2018-07-27 21:45:45 UTC  


Ok like how America originally was

2018-07-27 21:46:05 UTC  

No but there was a federalist and antifederalist faction in the early days

2018-07-27 21:46:12 UTC  

Well early America had slaves lol

I know they didnt want parties but if you were to put them in a category

2018-07-27 21:46:43 UTC  

Right lib or liberal, yeah