Your Long Lost Virginity

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ayyy a fellow rhodesiaphile!

@R E P T I L E bet youre thanking me for forcing you to restart this lol

lemme help you organize this place

lets talk in discussion btw

you know all these blokes?

"gang" are you a fan of Ben Shapiro you cuckservative scum

Cuz he says gang a lot

He does it's kind of a meme at this point

Let's not clutter up <#471133395607617537>

2018-07-24 17:55:36 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


2018-07-24 17:55:44 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

im a classical liberal so whatever you have thats closest

2018-07-24 17:55:56 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

i hate dad bot already lol

2018-07-24 17:56:05 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


2018-07-24 17:56:19 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

im not a republican per se but im certainly less of a dem

2018-07-24 17:56:21 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


2018-07-24 17:56:27 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

i hate you @Dad Bot

2018-07-24 17:56:45 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

in 2 weeks i can yes lol

2018-07-24 17:57:35 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

either that or libertarian

2018-07-24 17:57:44 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

definitely not democrat or anything leftist

2018-07-24 17:57:49 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

well fuck you lol

2018-07-24 17:58:32 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

I wish for a fascist hindu indian ethnostate if that helps

2018-07-24 17:58:34 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


I have successfully infiltrated this server muahahaha

thank you lol

middlesex county

wait u 2?

oh ok lol

fucking newark

im going to college there and its fucked dude

oh cool

2018-07-24 18:01:11 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

i can see that

just so we're clear, by right wing yall mean just conservative in general?

the term originally meant the far right but the way its used nowadays it gets confusing as to how its used

ok well i consider myself centrist but most would put me on the right for me **fascistic capitalistic libertarian scum** views

dont want to muck up this server with any non right wing views i have lol

atm seems the best choice

havent really dug into midterm candidates yet like i said i may vote libertarian but ya know

lots of people think hugin may have a chance which is great lol

do i choose one?

i have a few ehehehe

?rank Skilled At Graphic Design

?rank Skilled at Programming

ya know what thats it for now

ill leave you all with a nice little meme i made some time ago

thanks but i only just started learning photoshop

I do a lot of art but photo editing is new for me

either way this seems like a nice place im glad to be here lol

"Hugin announced that he is pro-choice on abortion and supports same-sex marriage in a campaign ad."

well fuck

not the same sex marriage part but fuck

it seems hes more leftist than the traditional republican platform

im ok with same sex marriage but abortion is an easy no no for me

strength through unity amirite

well the gender pay gap ofc is a fucking lie of the century

im pro marriage equality

but i aint pro "choice"

yep yep

well i see them on those little signs you put in the ground idk what theyre called

nice nice

i barely see any political ads on anything substantial other than for the dems

all marriage should be banned

marriage is oppressive to womankind

being straight is a choice

what exactly are you politically bro

fuck you german

thats interesting fish

do you know guardsmen 603296?

no i joked lol

i do think atm its not really necessary to provide tax breaks and benefits for married couples, since birth control is a thing

if any benefits are to be given it should be based on the number of kids but even then idk

im for taxation just limited taxation

fucking dad bot

oh i didnt know that

some dem said he wanted to have a 2 child rule you guys heard about that?

german i think is the one who broke it to me

im just bringing up as conversation lol

fucking dad bot

eh im not that far right to like defend evropa lol

im brown myself just so you know


im reading it lol

nobody likes my kind anyway

im not muslim so im not as opressed

this may be controversial here but i dont give a shit about ethnicity or race for me its just western liberal values versus communism, fascism and islamism atm

although 2 of those things are actually threats and one is just an underground edgelord movement lol

it also could be the stigma of the name obviously

its mainly champagne socialists who supported hillary/ the dems and not the actual working class

elites are generally lefties these days

well it includes that

i know a self-described libertarian fashie

well the better term is cultural authoritarianism

ik what atomwaffen is

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