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2018-04-06 10:33:07 UTC  

And then there is the matter of what party to choose

2018-04-06 10:33:56 UTC  

In Australia the two main parties are the Liberal and Labour parties

2018-04-06 10:34:40 UTC  

Although in recent years they have pretty much combined their parties to others so they gain more votes

2018-04-06 10:35:59 UTC  

Historically I would’ve chosen Labour as they were more focused on ensuring there was labour for men and takes care of families

2018-04-06 10:37:44 UTC  

And they did do a lot of good stuff, but now they are pretty much just the full on capitalist and socialist party by offshoring jobs and selling land to the Chinese, as well as wanting to implement a bunch of Marxist laws

2018-04-06 10:38:26 UTC  

The whole reason why the gay marriage vote came in is because of Labour was going to implement it if they got voted in

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pure coincidence

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Why won't his channel die

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who is this fella

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says Jonah Goldberg as he declares paleocons "thought criminals"

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just a coincidence

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nothing to see here goy

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oy vey

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Cool it with the anti semitic remarks

2018-04-08 02:27:47 UTC  

who was it that they kicked from Boomer Review? Steve Sailer?

2018-04-08 02:27:58 UTC  

and or Pat Buchanan

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New right wing literature for the future generations

2018-04-09 07:27:00 UTC  

This tweet hits an important point

2018-04-09 07:27:54 UTC  

This idea of a unified white identity across white ethnicities is autism. Nationalism should be about restoring the true nation state. That means that those who founded it, their lineage and majority is maintained and protected

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2018-04-09 07:28:33 UTC  

If Hungarians were replaced with Poles, Hungary would not be the same. They are not “white brothers” as many American WNs would like to believe

2018-04-09 07:28:54 UTC  

The differences in language, religion, deep rooted aspects of their culture separate them

2018-04-09 07:28:55 UTC  

i mean we should look out for eachother as white people

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germany for germans sweden for swedes etc etc

2018-04-09 07:29:26 UTC  

Whites are more connected together than with other races, but a unified white identity does not objectively exist

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2018-04-09 07:29:38 UTC  

There is only a white identity when compared with other races

2018-04-09 07:29:39 UTC  

only in mutt nations

2018-04-09 07:29:56 UTC  

Blacks share a black identity, whites share a white identity, etc

2018-04-09 07:30:39 UTC  

This does not however override one’s more personal identities. These are often spiritual or rooted in their culture or heritage

2018-04-09 07:31:26 UTC  

The idea of a Pan-European white identity that unifies whites just as much as any other identity is autistic. It’s often people with little to no other identities who are pushing this idea

2018-04-09 07:33:03 UTC  

Ricky Vaughn was actually spot on with his critique of white identity. It becomes like a cult or mental disorder, like radical Islam. When you are stripped of your true identities and your whiteness is under attack then you rely on falling on it as a crutch. When you have nothing else you grow attached to your whiteness at an unhealthy level

2018-04-09 07:34:29 UTC  

Broader white nationalism cannot work. The US is a different situation where we were never really a single ethnicity and we have always been a place where Europeans come to shed their skin for a new American identity. It is it’s own thing. But to assume that because America is a white country, and Europe is a white continent, that we share the same identity? That is beyond autistic