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2018-08-25 13:48:39 UTC  

I meet South Africans once in a while, including one dude who worked as a private security guard just like Jayoh

2018-08-25 13:48:57 UTC  

We always discuss this situation and every time they are amazed that I know about it

2018-08-25 13:49:00 UTC  

TYT is a neo-ottoman organization

2018-08-25 13:49:45 UTC  

I remember one cute one I had a fling with refer to it as a genocide

2018-08-25 13:49:56 UTC

2018-08-25 13:50:11 UTC  

Every time

2018-08-25 13:51:13 UTC  

“Guilt + +”

2018-08-25 13:51:19 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA when did they come to America?

2018-08-25 13:51:29 UTC  

What is this meme of Jewish guilt I keep hearing of?

2018-08-25 13:51:57 UTC  

@TV it was a lady on a business trip, she currently lives in London I think

2018-08-25 13:52:49 UTC  

These are mostly from people I met at bars. I’m surprised how many South Africans I have met in GA

2018-08-25 13:53:24 UTC  

Interestingly enough, for them the term “Boer” is actually derogatory if you aren’t a farmer

2018-08-25 13:54:22 UTC  

I've never met anybody from SA here. That band Die Antwoord came through one time but I stayed far away

2018-08-25 13:55:48 UTC  

Good morning Western man (and Women)

2018-08-25 13:56:00 UTC  

Oh man fuck those people @TV

2018-08-25 13:56:06 UTC  

South Africans HATE them.

2018-08-25 13:56:37 UTC  

I’ve got a slight personal history with them

2018-08-25 13:56:53 UTC  

That’s all I’m gonna say on that lolol

2018-08-25 13:57:23 UTC  

A SA friend of mine’s father had his car shot up while he and his daughter were in it. The cops came and tracked down and shot the would be robbers. He told me the one white cop, who got shot, is in jail for being white and involved in the killing of black people

2018-08-25 14:03:14 UTC  

If you guys wanted 30 minutes of buzzwords and anti white rhetoric, here’s this.

2018-08-25 14:04:14 UTC  

It baffles me how these people can infiltrate our government with popular vote, and then still whine that there is some disadvantage for them in society.

2018-08-25 14:41:29 UTC  

>also comes from far away land with a totally different religion and culture than the abos

2018-08-25 14:41:40 UTC  

>sides with fellow brown people

2018-08-25 14:52:19 UTC  

"They all need to go back."

2018-08-25 15:03:34 UTC  

A blue checkmark

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2018-08-25 15:06:32 UTC  

"how to do so constructively" how can They control the conversation

2018-08-25 15:08:17 UTC  

yeah, I caught that too

2018-08-25 15:08:23 UTC  

Somebody better grab the guy and tell him how to do it constructively

2018-08-25 15:09:23 UTC  

Somebody just comment "look no further: [Link to IE]"

2018-08-25 15:10:04 UTC  

Quick! Flash the Patrick Casey sign!

2018-08-25 15:11:52 UTC  

<:patrickvikernes:423301225749151744> 🔦

2018-08-25 15:34:01 UTC  

Me: ready for my Facebook ban.

2018-08-25 15:34:10 UTC  

Thought you guys might like this.

2018-08-25 15:36:03 UTC  

I see a pattern developing.

2018-08-25 15:36:42 UTC  

does anyone know about this cato study that says immigrants commit less crimes than avg americans?

2018-08-25 15:37:09 UTC  

i keep seeing the MSM citing it, but haven't had the chance to look into it

2018-08-25 15:37:11 UTC  

Legal or illegal?

2018-08-25 15:38:19 UTC  

And I’m willing to bet that’s mostly in comparison to a ... specific demographic of African origin.

2018-08-25 15:38:40 UTC