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This. You can have places like Chicago where a relatively large amount of tax dollars are spent on law enforcement, but even still they don't have near the manpower to be able to effectively crack down the crime.

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@NITRODUBS For sure, there are HUGE distinctions between racial groups when it comes to the prominence of criminality among single-mother households. I mostly grew up in one, in a neighborhood with many others, and our idea of the "criminal element" was that you didn't go over to play at one kid's house in particular, because his dad was rumored to "smoke reefer," lol, but violent crime was unheard of.

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Doesn't mean it's optimal, though, obviously.

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Nothing personal taken. Although, he is different as his parents are divorced, not just a one night stand fling.

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I came from a single parent home too, I know the feel. My mom was widowed, but i definitely struggled without a father figure, up until I realized I was struggling because of that and became self aware.

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And yeah I definitely suggest a two parent home if possible, but I’m willing to understand the differences in demographics

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@NITRODUBS Yeah. Well, widows are a different case in that they didn't abandon their wedding vows, but instead lost their spouse. Sorry you had to go through that, though.

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...and all I meant by that was that I don't fault widows for their situation, though I think it ultimately behooves them to remarry.

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So “abandon wedding vows” but widows can remarry? Don’t think I get your morals here.

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"Till death do us part." Death nullifies wedding vows.

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...after an understandable and respectable period of mourning, obviously.

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You know in white culture back in the day, the widow wasn’t supposed to get remarried. It was frowned upon. Granted, so was divorce, but to stick so strongly to wedding vows I have to assume you’re religious. To have such polarizing views is puzzling.

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Widows frequently married the brothers of their husbands, it was customary to take care of your brother's wife if he met an untimely end and you were single

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Depends on the culture (and religion), and obviously some cases are understandable (i.e. instances of abuse, wherein the abusive spouse is recalcitrant), but I think that the overwhelming impetus should be directed toward preserving the integrity of the marriage, and although I do have my own metaphysical views, this particular position is mostly rooted in sociology, rather than any kind of religious imperative.

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So forcing people to stay in a marriage miserable is better for society than having them separate?

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...and I'm not saying that, if you're divorced, I condemn you as a piece of crap, and refuse to associate with you. Obviously, our generation is one that's just now starting to find its legs, and blindly feeling out a new path. I'm sure as hell far from any ideal, but ideals have their place nonetheless...

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@Infineon What I'm saying is that a man and a woman who enter into marriage together, and who then find themselves feeling "miserable," should see as it as their primary priority to get to the root of what it is about each other or themselves that's making them feel that way, and try to address it, showing a willingness to swallow their pride and leave their comfort zones in attempting to do so, rather than just throwing in the towel.

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That’s naive.

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If we, as identitarians, and as White people, can't even find it in ourselves to form one, single functional and rewarding relationship in our lives (and the most meaningful and consequential, for that matter), then how can we possibly expect to be able to form relationships in the kinds of numbers, and of the the kind of depth required to effect the degree of change necessary to save our people?

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The word is "humility."

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Mind you, just for the sake of full disclosure, I've never been married, though I am intimately familiar with the kind of life that results from a single-parent household. That said, it seems that I've hit a nerve...

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Ignore them

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We have channels concerning relationships, parenting, and being single in the Skills & Academics server should anyone like to have a focus area to further discuss.

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@Argument of Perigee Very subtle, lol

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Fair enough.

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The fuck is good Ie

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Fresh out the penitentiary

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You’re still on parole.

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Damn do I gotta check in with that cat every month and pee in a cup?

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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You need an outlet.

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@Infineon do you have a iPhone charger I can borrow?

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It’s a 30pin.

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