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2018-09-22 01:45:43 UTC  

@Rick well, I’m a 5’-9” woman and I could’ve taken him out.

2018-09-22 01:45:52 UTC  

Plus my power levels and all.

2018-09-22 01:46:05 UTC  

Please post to WorldStar when that happens. 👌🏻

2018-09-22 01:46:14 UTC  

That's some degenerate crap I'd watch!

2018-09-22 01:46:30 UTC  

Did not even register that you were a woman

2018-09-22 01:46:32 UTC  


2018-09-22 01:46:33 UTC  

I thought about how maybe I would’ve made it on to Love Street!

2018-09-22 01:46:51 UTC  

Now I know why the Street Poo got all uppitty

2018-09-22 01:46:57 UTC  

@Deleted User You're a female creature? I had no idea.

2018-09-22 01:47:03 UTC  

@Flint I’m kind of like a Calamity Jane type, ya know.

2018-09-22 01:47:25 UTC  

I've heard Lex in voice chats, she's a fiesty one. 😃

2018-09-22 01:47:29 UTC  

Female? this is the internet, nice try

2018-09-22 01:47:33 UTC  

Haha @Rick maybe not according to the alt right.

2018-09-22 01:47:49 UTC  

I can only imagine seeing her laying into a paki irl. 😂

2018-09-22 01:48:21 UTC  

You know how emotions women can be.

2018-09-22 01:48:45 UTC  

^ It's a trap!

2018-09-22 01:49:04 UTC  

women (man)

2018-09-22 01:49:16 UTC  

I wish. Then I could get gibs and go fund me’s

2018-09-22 01:49:27 UTC  

respekt wamyn guys

2018-09-22 01:49:38 UTC  

if you can't figure out a way to fleece idiots on the internet...

2018-09-22 01:49:39 UTC  

i really hope someone isn't making generalizations about women without linking to a peer reviewed study

2018-09-22 01:49:43 UTC  

... I don't know what to tell you

2018-09-22 01:50:53 UTC  

There, now you all can continue to generalize. 👌🏻

2018-09-22 01:51:01 UTC  


2018-09-22 01:51:28 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD with that 1% I can call upon the talmud card.

2018-09-22 01:52:06 UTC  

*shudders at the thought of Talmudry*

2018-09-22 01:53:16 UTC  

I actually had someone say to me once: "What kind of talmudic logic is that?"

2018-09-22 01:54:10 UTC  

I've read the Bible, I've read the Qur'an...should I give the Talmud a go?

2018-09-22 01:54:15 UTC  

Studies say wahmen enjoy the tears of the enemy, too

2018-09-22 01:54:18 UTC  

I feel like 2/3 isn't enough.

2018-09-22 01:54:32 UTC  

But now that I think about it, I will use that to redpill normies. I will concoct irrational arguments and call it talmudic and explain.........

2018-09-22 01:55:37 UTC  

*Should I read the Talmud?*

2018-09-22 01:55:43 UTC  

I post this bc I care

2018-09-22 01:55:54 UTC  


2018-09-22 01:55:55 UTC  

Care about you not Talmudding yourself

2018-09-22 01:56:04 UTC  

I read those to know the enemy...

2018-09-22 01:56:11 UTC  

Prize for best tldr Talmud edition.

2018-09-22 01:56:33 UTC  

To clarify, my sister and I share the same parents. She took an test and found out that she was less than 1.0% ashcanazi. I am going to use that to bring up the subject to normies, to j-wake them.

2018-09-22 01:56:43 UTC  

I'm guessing the gist of the Talmud is "subvert everywhere you go"

2018-09-22 01:57:03 UTC  

Kabbalah teaching is the J's most recent subversion of it all