Message from Rebics in Nick Fuentes Server #general

2018-05-10 01:38:05 UTC  

JustASlav was a fucking faggot

2018-05-10 01:38:11 UTC  

hes a manlet if he doesnt fuck kids what does he got

2018-05-10 01:38:14 UTC  

im kidding

2018-05-10 01:38:16 UTC  
2018-05-10 01:38:18 UTC  

The literal kid he talked to saying he asked for pics

2018-05-10 01:38:32 UTC  

Anyone with pizza in their name is a pedo

2018-05-10 01:38:34 UTC  

Bottom line

2018-05-10 01:38:34 UTC  

Broseph isnt a pedo you dummy. @Saxon

2018-05-10 01:38:46 UTC  

There was Broseph, his JustASlav buddy, Shawn and another druggy guy. Who almost definitely was trying to get cp from the drunk 15 yo. Just watch out for these people. They're grimey af.

2018-05-10 01:38:58 UTC  


2018-05-10 01:39:03 UTC  

I was talking about 2 other people not the Slav or other guy

2018-05-10 01:39:53 UTC  

This guy made up an entire religion on why it's okay for him to do opioids.

2018-05-10 01:39:55 UTC  

quit talking smack or you get banned you here

2018-05-10 01:40:05 UTC  

Hush fag

2018-05-10 01:40:24 UTC  

single mother nationalism

2018-05-10 01:40:36 UTC  

I'm fascinated

2018-05-10 01:41:40 UTC  

Dont save it nibba @NickTheGreek use gyazo

2018-05-10 01:41:51 UTC  

what is that

2018-05-10 01:41:53 UTC  

buddies making claims without any proof

2018-05-10 01:42:05 UTC  

a screenshot program that uploads to a website and you just post the link.

2018-05-10 01:42:11 UTC  

idk @Saxon I still think your claims are exaggerated or false because he was never sexual with the 15 yo in BA or any chats after the purges in BA's server

2018-05-10 01:42:20 UTC
He even made a video where he show's no proof <:brainlet:402673657391874059>

2018-05-10 01:42:38 UTC  

even with screenshots it could be fake

2018-05-10 01:42:47 UTC  

there is such a low burden of proof in the online community

2018-05-10 01:43:04 UTC  

Dude, idk who you are. @bigB but the BA server was my main server for a long time.

2018-05-10 01:43:09 UTC  

There's a lot of information to sift through

2018-05-10 01:43:22 UTC  

I'm telling you. What Broseph did with that little girl was questionable.

2018-05-10 01:43:36 UTC  

Or I could just take someone's accusation

2018-05-10 01:43:36 UTC  

Wait I thought broheim was broseph

2018-05-10 01:43:39 UTC  

@Saxon same, I hung out on there all the time I talked with everyone there very often and never did I get those vibes

2018-05-10 01:43:40 UTC  

He's probably already being watched by the authorities.

2018-05-10 01:43:44 UTC  

jesus christ no

2018-05-10 01:43:54 UTC  

Let the FBI take care of it

2018-05-10 01:43:57 UTC  


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2018-05-10 01:44:17 UTC  

fucking hanzai just get out this fucking server you nigger, you joined yesterday and are acting like you've been here forever get the fuck out fag

2018-05-10 01:44:24 UTC  

ive only been in this discord for like 2 months

2018-05-10 01:44:34 UTC  

I don't know, I'm getting stockholm syndrome already

2018-05-10 01:44:36 UTC  

Saving this one lol

2018-05-10 01:44:37 UTC  

i voiced my contention when broseph had my name