Message from Jacsac in Nick Fuentes Server #general

2018-05-10 02:00:45 UTC

2018-05-10 02:00:46 UTC  

you are just talking out of your ass

2018-05-10 02:00:51 UTC  
2018-05-10 02:00:58 UTC  

literally zero proof

2018-05-10 02:01:00 UTC  

no it isnt

2018-05-10 02:01:00 UTC  

@Bolsonaro No, it was a silly thing to ban for

2018-05-10 02:01:06 UTC  

anyone who constantly rape jokes is unironicsllt incel

2018-05-10 02:01:11 UTC  

that's not my argument

2018-05-10 02:01:12 UTC  

i saw the whole thing

2018-05-10 02:01:16 UTC  

It might not be Christian-like, but not really a rape post or proof hes a pedo

2018-05-10 02:01:18 UTC  

It seemed like when a woman tried to attack this discord for a few ironic rape posts the intensity was turned up because women are retards

2018-05-10 02:01:27 UTC  

Thats not evidence dude,

2018-05-10 02:01:32 UTC  

if you make ironic jokes that means you are unironically supporting those things, ok retard

2018-05-10 02:01:32 UTC  

Just saying

2018-05-10 02:01:44 UTC  

submit some t pose pics retards

2018-05-10 02:01:55 UTC  

No dumb fuck but to NORMAL people, constantly talking about rape is ducking autistic

2018-05-10 02:01:57 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:02:00 UTC  

@Bolsonaro So what's your point buddy

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2018-05-10 02:02:15 UTC  

a couple guys got banned for making fun of a mods sister the others got banned for posting nude pictures

2018-05-10 02:02:17 UTC  

We should ban anyone who makes an edgy joke?

2018-05-10 02:02:25 UTC  

Broseph wasnt banned for anything pertaining to pedophilia

2018-05-10 02:02:29 UTC  

No fag, rape specifically

2018-05-10 02:02:30 UTC  

@bigB i've said it earlier, nick said not to do it, this is his discord, what's the issue that you have?

2018-05-10 02:02:36 UTC  

I dont even know what you guys are talking about

2018-05-10 02:02:48 UTC  

The rape shit and trap posting got him banned

2018-05-10 02:02:55 UTC  

Bunch of faggot incels REALLY want to make rape jokes

2018-05-10 02:03:19 UTC  


2018-05-10 02:03:20 UTC  

i don't feel sorry for people who said they wanted to r^pe my mother

2018-05-10 02:03:32 UTC  

@Bolsonaro Fair enough, I just think it's a little odd to ban over edgy shit like that

2018-05-10 02:03:36 UTC  

If rape jokes are bad then I want all sam hyde posters banned

2018-05-10 02:03:56 UTC  

Ikr their idea of rape jokes are telling people they’re legit going to rape them lmfao

2018-05-10 02:04:18 UTC  

alot of the people banned didnt rape post though

2018-05-10 02:04:23 UTC  

they just made fun of a mods sister

2018-05-10 02:04:28 UTC  

Yeah because they posted porn idiot

2018-05-10 02:04:49 UTC  

@xanax#3444 so they're just really autistic?

2018-05-10 02:04:59 UTC  

is being autistic ban worthy

2018-05-10 02:05:02 UTC  

Sounds like everyone banned either rape or porn posted. So idg what the big deal is