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2018-05-16 05:30:56 UTC  

How good are Wolverines

2018-05-16 05:31:06 UTC  

had a night mare

2018-05-16 05:31:09 UTC  

im awake now

2018-05-16 05:31:11 UTC  


2018-05-16 05:31:35 UTC  

I've had mine for 3 years and they're pretty beat up but I wear mine daily

2018-05-16 05:31:41 UTC  

And use them for warehouse work

2018-05-16 05:32:15 UTC  

Thats what I do. work at a warehouse

2018-05-16 05:33:27 UTC  

Right now for work im wearing Carhartt

2018-05-16 05:34:37 UTC  

I have these, I did put my own inserts in them

2018-05-16 05:36:04 UTC  

The laces on mine are all chewed up but I wear mine all the time

2018-05-16 05:36:29 UTC  

As a bugman, I can't imagine doing a job where I had to wear work boots

2018-05-16 05:36:59 UTC  

the boots im wearing for work are somewhat beat up

2018-05-16 05:37:37 UTC  

I wear polished black dress shoes that were made in Italy

2018-05-16 05:38:03 UTC  

My grandpa gave me a nice pair of black dress shoes today

2018-05-16 05:38:07 UTC  

I think paying $300 for a pair of shoes is retarded and every time I think about it, I want to hang myself.

2018-05-16 05:38:29 UTC  

I think it's fine if you'll wear them a lot and they'll hold up for a long times

2018-05-16 05:38:45 UTC  

It is just such city bullshit

2018-05-16 05:38:47 UTC  

Now if you're a w*man spending $400 on heels you'll wear twice

2018-05-16 05:38:58 UTC  

Different story

2018-05-16 05:39:11 UTC  

just looking for something casual, $300 is a bit pricey

2018-05-16 05:39:41 UTC  

yeah for like sneakers

2018-05-16 05:39:42 UTC  

Like being in a city, everyone is wearing retarded expensive clothes that none of us can afford but no one wants to be like "I am wearing jeans and a t shirt to my office job because this shit is retarded"

2018-05-16 05:39:50 UTC  

being a sneakerhead is real bugman shit

2018-05-16 05:39:59 UTC  

Fair enough

2018-05-16 05:40:05 UTC  

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to dress nicely

2018-05-16 05:40:15 UTC  


2018-05-16 05:40:22 UTC  

Sneakers is the shoe tax on the black man

2018-05-16 05:40:43 UTC  

I understand in an urbanite setting it's clothes for status and all that

2018-05-16 05:41:15 UTC  

My brother was trying to tell me about how cool some pair of True Religion jeans he bought were

2018-05-16 05:41:36 UTC  

Did you drown him?

2018-05-16 05:41:43 UTC  

I lmao

2018-05-16 05:41:43 UTC  

I don't get people who live like that tbh. The only thing i wear is a tshirt and jeans

2018-05-16 05:41:43 UTC  

And then I was like "I'll show you true religion" and I smacked him with the KJV

2018-05-16 05:41:59 UTC  


2018-05-16 05:42:40 UTC  

I stopped being a jeans and t shirt guy recently

2018-05-16 05:43:00 UTC  

I put on a collared shirt and was like "Damn I didn't know I could look this good"

2018-05-16 05:43:06 UTC  


2018-05-16 05:43:32 UTC  

Yeah man

2018-05-16 05:43:32 UTC  

So outside of work I'm done with just t shirts

2018-05-16 05:43:47 UTC  

Yep not a fan