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2019-06-08 16:22:06 UTC  

and the problem is they have no opposition

2019-06-08 16:22:41 UTC  

cause if you raise your voice, you are a misoginist, they don't even try to talk to you

2019-06-08 16:23:36 UTC  

Yeah, it's a real catch 22

2019-06-08 16:24:07 UTC  

And it'll be a real hard fight to make ourselves seem more legit

2019-06-08 16:24:43 UTC  

i will try to make things move a bit in my uni

2019-06-08 16:25:22 UTC  

i was proposed to be the co-president of the student council

2019-06-08 16:25:47 UTC  

but it will be hard, i will have to do things really slowly

2019-06-08 16:26:17 UTC  

you can print anonymous fliers and post them around; gets a convo going without using your name

2019-06-08 16:27:13 UTC  

That's a good idea. We have some posters, but the site that they link to isn't up yet.

2019-06-08 16:28:02 UTC  

oh ok, have a preview ?

2019-06-08 16:28:10 UTC  


2019-06-08 16:28:21 UTC  

It's the channel right at the top

2019-06-08 16:28:30 UTC  

You can see them all in there!

2019-06-08 16:28:35 UTC  


2019-06-08 16:29:05 UTC  

They should print up A4 and we are working on larger sizes.

2019-06-08 16:29:34 UTC  

yeah, i will see, but i fear they will get taken down pretty quick

2019-06-08 16:30:03 UTC  

but then, i can always take advantage of that to show the attack on free speech

2019-06-08 16:31:58 UTC  

@Fazz They will, but they'll make a few people think, and we can print more very cheaply. Maybe even on the printer at uni or school if needed

2019-06-08 16:33:11 UTC  

yeah, well the printer at uni is so expensive it's a steal but for 10 or so pages it should be ok hahah

2019-06-08 16:33:58 UTC  

you can do simple ones for cheap to, i make ones like these:

2019-06-08 16:34:52 UTC  

Yikes. They charge?

2019-06-08 16:35:01 UTC  

just basic microsoft word plain paper

2019-06-08 16:35:02 UTC  


2019-06-08 16:35:05 UTC  

I guess it stops waste

2019-06-08 16:35:49 UTC  

My view is a poster should have two or three sentances max, personally. I think it helps get the point across

2019-06-08 16:35:55 UTC  

yeah, but i went through $7 of paper for a few documents

2019-06-08 16:36:13 UTC  
2019-06-08 16:36:29 UTC  

i should find something relevant for the country and situation too

2019-06-08 16:38:00 UTC  

@Fazz How much!? Wow

2019-06-08 16:38:17 UTC  

Is it like 50ยข a sheet?

2019-06-08 16:39:59 UTC  

i dont know i forgot haha, but i'ts kinda expensive, around 20 to 40cts a sheet

2019-06-08 16:46:31 UTC  

@Men Are Human have an idea about when the website will be done ?

2019-06-08 16:50:44 UTC  

@Fazz it's hard to say. One of our team was making it, but they have had to take a break from it due to personal issues. They'll be back soon. If it continues, I'll have to take over and work something up.

2019-06-08 16:50:59 UTC  


2019-06-08 16:51:14 UTC  

well, shit happens in life, understandable

2019-06-08 16:56:46 UTC  

@Fazz Yeah, it's kinda rough. But he'll be back. If not, I'll deal with it.

2019-06-08 16:57:21 UTC  

hope he will get out of whatever the problem is

2019-06-08 17:03:47 UTC  

Me too.

2019-06-08 17:08:41 UTC  

So what other crazy crap is happening in your country @Fazz ?

2019-06-08 17:12:31 UTC  

well, they constantly have flyers in the university, they tend to make big campains about the clito (yeah thanks i know about it) and generaly speaking just always cry about equality

we also have the same mentality of other europeans country, so it doesnt really get better. oh, and also the number of immigrants keep rising, so does the crime rate (proved by the data of the confederation) and refering about it is basically nazism for everyone

2019-06-08 17:18:12 UTC  

Clito? What's that?