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2019-06-08 14:38:50 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

2019-06-08 15:01:56 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Hi ! Great thanks @Men Are Human

2019-06-08 15:02:17 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

How about you ?

2019-06-08 15:02:44 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Was lurking on Reddit and stumbled upon you, glad i found this discord ^^

2019-06-08 15:06:49 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Oh Nice !

2019-06-08 15:07:59 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Well, studying for my university exams, next one in 2 days ^^

2019-06-08 15:08:25 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

But i found out lurking on Reddit is not the most efficient way to work haha

2019-06-08 15:10:34 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Thanks a lot !

2019-06-08 15:11:45 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Medical school

2019-06-08 15:12:12 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Next one is psychology and ethics and such

2019-06-08 15:12:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yeah, i really hope i will ^^

2019-06-08 15:12:36 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Thanks a lot ^^

2019-06-08 15:13:46 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yeah, basically what to do and how to talk to patients, and how to know what kind of decision to make and such

2019-06-08 15:17:09 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Haha, well you have to know what you say and how to say it when you diagnose a cancer or Someone is on the brink of dying and you dont know if you tell them to follow the law or you lie to them to not make then panic and waste the rest of their life. Its a on case by case scรฉnario

2019-06-08 15:20:24 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

So anyway, Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘ would love to see the document with all the law cases when its done !

2019-06-08 15:22:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Hi ^^

2019-06-08 15:45:51 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

@Men Are Human , yeah, they actually do in my country, i dont know about the US though :/

2019-06-08 15:46:56 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Switzerland ^^, and you ?

2019-06-08 15:48:55 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yep it does

2019-06-08 15:49:05 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

If i recall correctly

2019-06-08 15:49:45 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

And in 6 days there is an national women strike for women rights

2019-06-08 15:50:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

And they will invade the university

2019-06-08 15:50:19 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

And just bother everyone like always

2019-06-08 15:51:29 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yeah, a path to explore

2019-06-08 15:59:16 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

I do with my friends, but absolutely no one thinks it's a problem, they are all brainwashed to think women are the discriminated sex in the country

2019-06-08 16:00:15 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Its just nerveracking seeing everyone with the pins for the streik

2019-06-08 16:01:22 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

And i red the manifesto the put online, they want the same number of doctorates in every faculty, so hello equality of outcomes and goodbye common sense and actual data like the gender equality paradox

2019-06-08 16:10:05 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

More like 50% of upper degrees must be women, no matter the number of contestants

2019-06-08 16:12:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

I dont think they would, but i think they didnt even think far enough for that now

2019-06-08 16:12:58 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yeah, dont worry, i'll be the one to treat you, i'm not gonna lose to a stupid quota ๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-06-08 16:16:52 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

They definitely would

2019-06-08 16:17:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

But its kinda funny seeing the orginisers of this

2019-06-08 16:17:24 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

All the same stereotipic feminist

2019-06-08 16:20:12 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

but it's kinda tiring seeing that noone even stops to think for a minute

2019-06-08 16:21:51 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

they do

2019-06-08 16:22:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

and the problem is they have no opposition

2019-06-08 16:22:41 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

cause if you raise your voice, you are a misoginist, they don't even try to talk to you

2019-06-08 16:24:43 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i will try to make things move a bit in my uni

2019-06-08 16:25:22 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i was proposed to be the co-president of the student council

2019-06-08 16:25:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

but it will be hard, i will have to do things really slowly

2019-06-08 16:28:02 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

oh ok, have a preview ?

2019-06-08 16:28:35 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  


2019-06-08 16:29:34 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

yeah, i will see, but i fear they will get taken down pretty quick

2019-06-08 16:30:03 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

but then, i can always take advantage of that to show the attack on free speech

2019-06-08 16:33:11 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

yeah, well the printer at uni is so expensive it's a steal but for 10 or so pages it should be ok hahah

2019-06-08 16:35:02 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  


2019-06-08 16:35:55 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

yeah, but i went through $7 of paper for a few documents

2019-06-08 16:36:13 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  
2019-06-08 16:36:29 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i should find something relevant for the country and situation too

2019-06-08 16:39:59 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i dont know i forgot haha, but i'ts kinda expensive, around 20 to 40cts a sheet

2019-06-08 16:46:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

@Men Are Human have an idea about when the website will be done ?

2019-06-08 16:50:59 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  


2019-06-08 16:51:14 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

well, shit happens in life, understandable

2019-06-08 16:57:21 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

hope he will get out of whatever the problem is

2019-06-08 17:12:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

well, they constantly have flyers in the university, they tend to make big campains about the clito (yeah thanks i know about it) and generaly speaking just always cry about equality

we also have the same mentality of other europeans country, so it doesnt really get better. oh, and also the number of immigrants keep rising, so does the crime rate (proved by the data of the confederation) and refering about it is basically nazism for everyone

2019-06-08 17:18:57 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

but yeah, the university is the worse, they changed the grammar of the language everywhere (mails to posters) to "make it more feminine", they always ignore the inequalities of men (like enrollement) cause manspreading is so much more important

2019-06-08 17:22:14 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  


2019-06-08 17:23:00 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

it's one of the only thing accessible without a bit of research that can make people open their eyes

2019-06-08 17:54:58 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

will watch ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2019-06-08 18:03:12 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i personally loved the jordan peterson / cathy newman encounter

2019-06-08 18:04:36 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i also bought his book, a lot of common sense

2019-06-08 18:05:02 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Jordan Peterson, 12 rules for life

2019-06-08 18:05:08 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

i recommend it a lot

2019-06-08 18:15:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

k, bye ^^

2019-06-09 09:23:33 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

but is it the lengh or the thickness which matters the most @Men Are Human ?

2019-06-09 09:23:52 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

sorry hahaha

2019-06-09 12:26:34 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

yeah it's better not to comment on that xD

2019-07-07 15:57:39 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Je t'attends @4 hahah

2019-07-07 16:18:38 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

It is ^^

2019-07-07 16:19:25 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Waiting for a Guy i talked top before to join hahahah

2019-07-07 16:19:28 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  


2019-07-07 17:09:03 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Yep i am ! Nice to see you !

2019-07-07 17:09:33 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

And welcome to the discord ๐Ÿ˜‰ @Naerdhin

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