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2019-06-09 02:45:47 UTC  

These stickers are cheap and small, so you can carry them everywhere and put them in interesting places.

People are curious; if they see a small sticker with an interesting message, they'll read it.
As with posters, you can press them down hard with a rubbing motion,
then score lines every 1cm or so. You may need to experiment a bit to find the best
spacing for good readability and difficult removability.

Please copy these tips and put them on your website, or anywhere else they might do good.
Remember to only put posters and stickers in legal places!

2019-06-09 02:47:46 UTC  

very well done @goodmod , this will help

2019-06-09 08:20:22 UTC  

@goodmod I will do. If anyone knows of any images we can use for illustration let me know. @blueorange22 I'm in London currently. Would you be willing to add it as a draft?

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2019-06-09 09:10:47 UTC  

I've inserted this sentence:

Before doing this, check whether it's legal to carry box cutters or knives on the street in your area.

In some locations it's illegal to carry a blade in a public place.

2019-06-09 09:18:36 UTC  

That's a good one. It's also worth noting that the length may matter.

2019-06-09 09:23:33 UTC  

but is it the lengh or the thickness which matters the most @Men Are Human ?

2019-06-09 09:23:52 UTC  

sorry hahaha

2019-06-09 09:33:48 UTC  

Lol @Fazz

2019-06-09 09:34:11 UTC  

No comment. XD

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2019-06-09 10:01:50 UTC  

Oh hello @Deleted User ! How are you?

2019-06-09 12:26:34 UTC  

yeah it's better not to comment on that xD

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How are you all doing?

2019-06-09 18:49:34 UTC  

Thanks dude i am pretty great

2019-06-09 18:49:49 UTC  

just pandering around

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Hello @Deleted User and @Deleted User, welcome to the discord

2019-06-09 21:17:36 UTC  

Hello thank u @InsaneCaterpilla

2019-06-09 21:17:50 UTC  

What’s up

2019-06-09 21:18:21 UTC  

Making tea and getting some cleaning done, you?

2019-06-09 21:18:59 UTC  

I’m just eating some yoghurt and dates I just got back to England yesterday

2019-06-09 21:19:06 UTC  

What tea are u having

2019-06-09 21:20:19 UTC  

2019-06-09 21:20:22 UTC  

Spicy and bbq chicken wings

2019-06-09 21:20:51 UTC  

Oh right I was thinking like the tea u drink lol

2019-06-09 21:21:09 UTC  

Nice chicken wings tho alhamdulillah

2019-06-09 21:22:53 UTC  

Nope, I don't like that kind of tea. If I want a hot drink then hot malted or chocolate is fine, or if I'm ill some hot cordial

2019-06-09 21:23:33 UTC  

I think u would like Swahili tea

2019-06-09 21:23:51 UTC  

U make it with cloves

2019-06-09 21:24:50 UTC  

And u can put milk in it or leave it without, use brown sugar too it’s really nice

2019-06-09 21:30:07 UTC  

I just don't really like any teas and don't have the inclination to try ^^;

2019-06-09 21:33:20 UTC  

Ohh ok

2019-06-09 21:33:32 UTC  

Well maybe one day u might change ur mind

2019-06-09 23:27:11 UTC  

Is someone recommending teas?

2019-06-09 23:27:50 UTC  


2019-06-09 23:27:56 UTC  

What one?