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2021-01-11 03:46:23 UTC  

Most of everything will have to be rewritten I think

2021-01-11 03:59:52 UTC  

I would love to have these arrogant billionaires reduced to the same level of wealth as a homeless person

2021-01-11 04:00:29 UTC  

HAving people start taking their stuff , kicking them off property, and then when they thought it couldn't get worse...they get arrested

2021-01-11 04:08:51 UTC  

This is kinda scary. Fauci and Gain of Function...

2021-01-11 04:11:23 UTC  

I've known of that since May

2021-01-11 04:12:22 UTC  

Lin Wood helped fund the documentary "Plandemic" which had Dr.Mitovitz, a woman who once was Dr.fauci's coworker, who had her research into cures for Aids among other things stolen and she was in jail for years

2021-01-11 04:13:03 UTC  

The Chinese whistleblower doctor who was granted asyleum here also said gain of function was used to make covid

2021-01-11 04:14:13 UTC  

It was done as a plan b, originally apocalyptic ww3 with nukes was planned

2021-01-11 04:14:54 UTC  

to me thats old news

2021-01-11 04:15:09 UTC  

I'm more concerned with the President, and saving the country

2021-01-11 04:36:30 UTC  

Looks like up and running

2021-01-11 07:21:02 UTC  

A test

2021-01-11 09:06:08 UTC  

You guys used Parler to verify your Id?

2021-01-11 09:06:59 UTC  

Just a heads up a guy/team from Austria took all the posts and made them public not sure if personal ids as well

2021-01-11 09:22:31 UTC  

Hopefully none of you guys verified your account with id

2021-01-11 09:23:21 UTC  

I’m not sure exactly what was hacked but I would highly suggest changing the password of the email you used to log into Parler

2021-01-11 10:51:21 UTC  

Was just coming over to let y'all know
Thanks @MattyBoyCx#5329

2021-01-11 10:51:49 UTC  

I knew I never trusted Parler....not secure

2021-01-11 10:56:47 UTC  

It’s bad

2021-01-11 10:56:57 UTC  

They have people’s ids

2021-01-11 10:57:04 UTC  

Socials both sides etc

2021-01-11 10:57:22 UTC  

Every high profile user very likely all their info it’s there

2021-01-11 10:57:59 UTC  

I’m going to delete my posts from your Twitter just so it doesn’t look messy

2021-01-11 10:59:29 UTC  

Another thing is I guarantee you they are currently working on Gab

2021-01-11 10:59:58 UTC  

I hope not, I have faith andrew is keeping everything secure

2021-01-11 11:00:16 UTC  

I don't think they use ID to verify but haven't tried so not sure

2021-01-11 11:00:52 UTC  

Yeah o,seen that, absolutely ridiculous

2021-01-11 11:00:54 UTC  


2021-01-11 11:00:57 UTC  

Yes members had to send Id both sides to get verified

2021-01-11 11:01:03 UTC  


2021-01-11 11:01:08 UTC  

Yeah it’s bad

2021-01-11 11:01:36 UTC  

Main thing is for people to reset the password on the email they used to sign up. No idea if they were encrypted but min thing they can do

2021-01-11 11:01:54 UTC  

Its,offline now tho so ppl can't

2021-01-11 11:02:12 UTC  

I mean people use an email address and password

2021-01-11 11:02:25 UTC  

Hackers will use both to try to access other things

2021-01-11 11:02:38 UTC  

Oooh good point

2021-01-11 11:03:07 UTC  

I got to learn to check my posts twice keep rushing making spelling mistakes 😡

2021-01-11 11:03:38 UTC  

I'm the same lol,queen of the typos