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2021-01-12 13:44:49 UTC  

I use it and haven’t had any issues so far

2021-01-12 16:25:57 UTC  

Have y’all heard Parler got hacked?

2021-01-12 16:26:20 UTC  

I heard it was fake news

2021-01-12 16:26:28 UTC  

Oh okay.

2021-01-12 16:26:44 UTC  

But dont take my word for it.

2021-01-12 16:26:46 UTC  


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2021-01-12 16:42:16 UTC  

Parler filed a HUGE lawsuit against Big Tech yesterday

2021-01-12 16:42:56 UTC  

Saw that too. But their lawyer seemed. Little swampy. He gave a presser.

2021-01-12 17:22:39 UTC  

It was true it got hacked

2021-01-12 17:23:09 UTC  

The people that did it said they only posted all posts instead and videos

2021-01-12 17:23:54 UTC  

But they had full access to the site at the very list if you had an account there you should reset the password to the email you used

2021-01-12 17:23:58 UTC  

Dang. Glad I never posted anything.

2021-01-12 17:25:03 UTC  

Parler used a 3rd party security company for their login

2021-01-12 17:25:59 UTC  

They dropped them before Amazon did. The hacked group used that ti gain full access. This hacked group likes to break in then steak everything and post it online as a library

2021-01-12 17:26:41 UTC  

They show others how ti install an app that they can help to pull add the data by just installing something and ruining a couple of functions

2021-01-12 17:26:53 UTC  

In total they got over 70tb of data

2021-01-12 17:27:22 UTC  

More than 100 people downloaded all or part of all the files before it was shut down

2021-01-12 17:27:40 UTC  

I never liked parler and always thought the push to get everyone on there was fishy. Especially since the ones pushing it remain Dan B and others have remained virtually silent.

2021-01-12 17:28:04 UTC  

Also take into account that verified profiles and high end accounts had to send valid id social number picture of both sides

2021-01-12 17:28:14 UTC  

I was just reading the article on wired. Posted 42 mins ago.

2021-01-12 17:28:32 UTC  

They says it was fishy but it turned out they pay big accounts to post

2021-01-12 17:28:53 UTC  

Not 100% clear but nothing crazy sketchy

2021-01-12 17:28:59 UTC  

Ya as Ron liked to say Parler is Compromised.

2021-01-12 17:29:13 UTC  

Codemonkeyz lol.

2021-01-12 17:29:15 UTC  

All users start shadowbannec

2021-01-12 17:29:30 UTC  

Till they prove themselves with boosts

2021-01-12 17:29:32 UTC  


2021-01-12 17:29:35 UTC  

I wish I named myself something more creative than my original aol screen name.

2021-01-12 17:29:52 UTC  

Yeah codemonkey is a soft dev he knew something

2021-01-12 17:30:10 UTC  

Rumble sucks to IMO

2021-01-12 17:30:15 UTC  

But mostly like many that whole sending ids super weird

2021-01-12 17:30:33 UTC  

Gab is the better one so far

2021-01-12 17:30:49 UTC  

When you post videos to rumble and dont give them the full rights to the vid no one sees it.

2021-01-12 17:30:50 UTC  

If you like q things there an app called foxhole

2021-01-12 17:31:04 UTC  

Most big YouTube guys are there now

2021-01-12 17:31:11 UTC  

Someone else mentioned that. Maybe it you lol.

2021-01-12 17:31:39 UTC  

Yeah honestly no one of them will be perfect they have to make $

2021-01-12 17:31:44 UTC  

Something gotta give