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2019-11-11 13:08:01 UTC  

The louisiana part of marfoogle is pretty active

2019-11-11 13:14:59 UTC  

Good, i'm kinda worried of people's involvement in issues down hete

2019-11-11 13:54:49 UTC

2019-11-11 13:55:43 UTC  

^ the video is the PDF read to you...warning 5 hours ^

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2019-11-16 16:36:58 UTC  


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2019-11-17 23:11:16 UTC

2019-11-19 13:37:58 UTC  

^ that CIA document ^ WARNING 5 HOURS

2019-11-19 13:43:21 UTC  

Couldn't download the one you have on there

2019-11-19 13:43:43 UTC  

Lizard found it again....awesome

2019-11-19 13:43:52 UTC  

Thx guys 👍

2019-11-19 13:44:43 UTC  

wow they've taken even more out of it

2019-11-19 13:45:19 UTC  

If you make a drop box with files it easy to send it to people

2019-11-19 13:45:22 UTC  

that was 33 pages...with 31 and 32 it's missing 25 and everything after 27

2019-11-19 13:46:18 UTC  

just wow

2019-11-19 13:46:53 UTC  

Let me check the black vault

2019-11-20 15:25:14 UTC  

@Deleted User
**2 Thessalonians 2**
``` Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming again. We will be gathered together to meet Him. But we ask you, Christian brothers,
 2 do not be troubled in mind or worried by the talk you hear. Some say that the Lord has already come. People may say that I wrote this in a letter or that a spirit told them.
 3 Do not let anyone fool you. For the Lord will not come again until many people turn away from God. Then the leader of those who break the law will come. He is the man of sin. 
4 He works against and puts himself above every kind of god that is worshiped. He will take his seat in the house of God and say that he himself is God. 
5 Do you not remember that while I was with you, I told you this? 
6 You know the power that is keeping the man of sin back now. The man of sin will come only when his time is ready. 
7 For the secret power of breaking the law is already at work in the world. But that secret power can only do so much until the One Who keeps back the man of sin is taken out of the way. 
8 Then this man of sin will come. The Lord Jesus will kill him with the breath of His mouth. The coming of Christ will put an end to him.
 9 Satan will use this man of sin. He will have Satan’s power. He will do strange things and many powerful works that will be false. 
10 Those who are lost in sin will be fooled by the things he can do. They are lost in sin because they did not love the truth that would save them.
 11 For this reason, God will allow them to follow false teaching so they will believe a lie. 
12 They will all be guilty as they stand before God because they wanted to do what was wrong.```

2019-11-20 15:31:03 UTC  

👍 💯