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@WetDog I'll be sure to stuff a cork in a cows ass to do my part.

21 here

Good morning! Merica! Fuck yeah!

Hello, I'm Crit1kal.

I'm a cinematographer and I speak though showing bits of news clips and videos to make my point much like movie previews.

Some are funny and others are disturbing. Really depends on how I personally view it.

Hopefully you guys like my content.

Share it everywhere!

Thank you @Deleted User you're awesome!

Thank you @Zor. You're a good dude.

Share this link @everyone!

What's the topic?


5g vaccines abortions fake patriots.

Sky is the limit

Be an interesting topic

Funny how certain things connect with others. Vaccines, illegal immigration



I want to go to the edge of the earth and look over the edge.
Wouldn't that be fun?

Ok, insurrection act

Nah go ahead
This guy died a day after posting this...

38 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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