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That's the newer channel to the one kayyy posted

"I'm so incensed about politics and my agenda that I need to go and kill a bunch of people.
Rigjt now that's done, what's next? I know, I'll kill myself"

It's about making people distrust each other

Demoralisation is the necessary condition for revolution

But that word demoralisation is kind of loaded

It refers to state of mind as well as the moral foundation of society

For example debauchery is the expression of a society that has turned from God

Because God is the author of morality

What channel are you all on?

Is the restream bot replaying messages or is this live?

Yea i can't find whatever youtube stream you are on

Yea i noticed that but for once I thought I would join the stream

Is the logo for this discord channel an official infowars logo?

I can't find it when I Google infowars logo

Have you noticed they are always cubes

That's not a coincidence :)

Yea he gives himself away every time he goes on Joe Rogan

The whole artificial intelligence spiel he does is inspired straight from gnosticism

They despise the flesh (obviously)

To them, the integration of duality comes with merging consciousness with artifice

So their current thinking is that they will become Gods by transcending materiality

But their pleroma is just a big borg joke

It's going to blow up in their face

When @Deleted User does a big post you know its gonna be good

So will the anti christ appear at this time of the aquarian shift

Did you read that wall of text I dm'd earlier?

From that guy who sent it to me

He mentioned something about the antichrist reigning for 5 years

It seemed to have a mix of truth and lies

I got it from someone called ssjgayguy

So must have been the same guy

Clearly new age since the new age gays are obsessed about being gay

Legion will speak as one saying "haaaaayy we're like sooooo Legion"

It's the prayer room at the UN

I was just using the image to show the connection

It also degredates written language though

The newer generations struggle with words

Their vocabulary shrinks every day

One of the interesting things bill read was when he said the masons are always hiding more and more of the language

For instance the word 'reveal'

We know it as an uncovering

But they [the masons] say that whatever is revealed is also covered again

Thus the word 'reveal' actually has the meaning of 'recovering'

He's on the trump train and isn't getting off

I mean Alex jones is an occult stooge but that's no reason to be bitchy

General chat is a shit show

It's just that earlier I came up empty hehe

Watch out for the kid with the Arabic in his name

He will go on some crazy anti christ diatribe if you mention jesus

But he will claim to be Christ

I'm not even convinced that he is Arabic

I'm looking forward to everyone calling you a jew though

Get out of here shekelstein

The first time I saw you mention it

Seems to be the scribe of God

@Deleted User I once passed out at a friend place for like 20 minutes and when I came around I could swear I heard church bells lol

When I say pass out I don't mean sleep I mean I had some kind of lapse and everything went fuzzy and I blacked out

As for the name thing, my surname is Jennings, so I think my whole name together is something like supplanter of John

Japs are wierd

@Deleted User gonna be at work at that time

The idiots over on round table was giving him shit

3,548 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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