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2018-11-30 16:23:18 UTC  

PragerU simply sees where the wind is blowing and wants to be part of the winning side...

2018-11-30 16:23:22 UTC  

They run a lot of ads targeting youth

2018-11-30 16:23:34 UTC  

PragerU are gatekeepers.

2018-11-30 16:23:50 UTC  

But it's good to see them posting content that helps our side finally.

2018-11-30 16:24:09 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Exactly. They're try'na pump the brakes (and re-channel what would otherwise be right-wing energies into non-productive directions).

2018-11-30 16:24:10 UTC  

They got a ton of backlash when they made that anti-alt right video (back when the alt right was an umbrella term that covered hundreds of groups - now only covers a few crazies)

2018-11-30 16:24:21 UTC  

And haven't attacked our side since

2018-11-30 16:24:55 UTC  

That Alt-Right video was about the dumbest, most ill-informed video they've ever put out.

2018-11-30 16:25:07 UTC  

It was pretty hilarious

2018-11-30 16:25:16 UTC  

i can't disagree there heh

2018-11-30 16:25:26 UTC  

Then they tried the "founding fathers were egalitarians" and went full rvtard

2018-11-30 16:26:46 UTC  

trying to change the narrative but in a way that still leans right some.

2018-11-30 16:28:37 UTC  

The comment sections on this video are saying "it's not a problem" that Harvard discriminates against races to make their diversity quota. I think we should support PragerU and encourage them to post more videos like these.

2018-11-30 16:30:05 UTC  

i wonder though, ive seen some people saying if we get rid of affirmative action, it will simply mean schools get flooded with asians and will, in the end, disadvantage our own (higher IQ) people.

2018-11-30 16:30:26 UTC  

Ugh, PragerU. They had another video called "The American Trinity" that was pure trash.

2018-11-30 16:30:51 UTC  

yeah, they are on a role with garbage videos lately.

2018-11-30 16:31:05 UTC  

with one or 2 gems

2018-11-30 16:31:09 UTC  


2018-11-30 16:31:39 UTC  

If the Asians win we win.

2018-11-30 16:32:21 UTC  

The ACLU actually said it was good they discriminate against Asians because they also discriminate against whites

2018-11-30 16:32:32 UTC  

It’s like we’re in the same boat.

2018-11-30 16:32:49 UTC  

We criticize them when they post inaccuracies, but we must support them when they are post accurate videos. Especially on race

2018-11-30 16:32:49 UTC  

When it comes to college admissions.

2018-11-30 16:33:05 UTC  

Eh, we'll just have a new ruling class of Asians instead of...

2018-11-30 16:33:17 UTC  

That's the video our guys destroyed. They probably won't post that again lol

2018-11-30 16:33:33 UTC  

although I've seen a lot of evidence of cheating by the Asians, so not sure anymore.

2018-11-30 16:33:57 UTC  

I watched Nick Fuentes go off on that video

2018-11-30 16:34:06 UTC  

pretty hilarious, imo

2018-11-30 16:34:17 UTC  

This really isn't about Asians. It's about getting people to realize race is real and has consequences.

2018-11-30 16:42:48 UTC  

Very true.

2018-11-30 16:44:34 UTC  

@CarletonJ It's a lot harder for them to pull the victim card than other groups. IMO

2018-11-30 16:44:57 UTC  


2018-11-30 16:45:39 UTC  

Yes, so the fact that they have a real issue is taken more seriously by everyone.

2018-11-30 16:45:43 UTC  

Or at least should be.

2018-11-30 16:46:10 UTC  

Speaking of based minorities

2018-11-30 16:46:27 UTC  

where's the lie

2018-11-30 16:47:02 UTC  

That's baste af

2018-11-30 16:48:59 UTC  

You're probably right that people don't really think of Asians as some victim. They're usually really well off. But I think it's easier to argue race using Asians or other minorities - at least with normies - because arguing race from a white person perspective tends to have a stigma.

2018-11-30 16:52:38 UTC  

Right now PragerU seems to be attacking diversity quotas. They've had at least 3 videos that last few weeks I've seen on this. This is very unique and brave for a conservative outlet. Imagine if mainstream conservatives began to agree that diversity quotas are indeed dangerous. This implies they also believe race is real and relevant