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I use Signal as well

2020-10-17 00:51:44 UTC  

R/IHadaStroke 😂😂😂

2020-10-17 00:52:04 UTC  

I'm somewhat stoned and can't type

2020-10-17 00:52:51 UTC  

Signal, I’ve heard of that one. Isn’t that the one the rioters were using?

2020-10-17 00:52:54 UTC  

Good thing you're talking to me through computer or you'll end up getting after me and telling me to SHUT UP! According to the wife, I am chatty!

2020-10-17 00:53:01 UTC  

Yeah, signal was used by Ant

2020-10-17 00:53:10 UTC  

(not going to mention the whole name)

2020-10-17 00:53:15 UTC  

Thought so...

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2020-10-17 00:53:50 UTC  

Both BL and Ant

2020-10-17 00:54:14 UTC  

I have it as a tertiary backup in case something crashes.

2020-10-17 00:54:50 UTC  

That’s ok @CaptDerpus I’m having a nice cold 🍺

2020-10-17 00:55:07 UTC  

White Claw?

2020-10-17 00:55:23 UTC  

Signal got encryption end to end

2020-10-17 00:55:29 UTC  

Or Everclear and Hi-C?

2020-10-17 00:55:42 UTC  

Nah, Regular Coors, none of that unleaded stuff 😎

2020-10-17 00:55:43 UTC  

Get yourself some VPN as well

2020-10-17 00:55:54 UTC  

PIA is a good option

2020-10-17 00:56:00 UTC  

Price, Jake?

2020-10-17 00:56:16 UTC  

And encrypted emails (protonmail)

2020-10-17 01:15:31 UTC  

Why do you think the fbi held the tapes? Why did they let the impeachment proceed?

2020-10-17 01:17:37 UTC  

Maybe they had to make sure they got all their ducks in a row make sure it would stick? There’s always an underlying reason I’m sure we’ll know soon I hope.

2020-10-17 01:18:08 UTC  

Do you think it was an entrapment kind of thing

2020-10-17 01:18:45 UTC  

It’s a possibility. Maybe this was needed to try to start waking the ones who are blind up

2020-10-17 01:18:59 UTC  

I thought about that as well

2020-10-17 01:19:43 UTC  

Trump is too smart and has too many people backing him up. He knows how to play his cards

2020-10-17 01:19:57 UTC  

We know the FBI is corrupt af, they wouldn't want that coming out. They have to play out everything publicly now so ppl will see. And it's working

2020-10-17 01:20:30 UTC  

I'm concerned about China

2020-10-17 01:21:21 UTC  

Every morning I wake up and my first thought is what’s gonna happen today lol it is working I hope more people wake up

2020-10-17 01:22:18 UTC

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Letter from house Republicans questioning the FBI about the hard drive

2020-10-17 01:24:03 UTC  

So the part to trust wray? Did that mean to trust that he was corrupt?

2020-10-17 01:24:38 UTC  

I dunno, maybe he was a white hat and is now dark?

2020-10-17 01:24:51 UTC  

Wray is a deep state hack, straight off the bat on getting the job, he says no wrongdoing in any of the comey cases

2020-10-17 01:25:01 UTC  

I wish cue would clarify

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And barr?