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2020-11-16 01:47:19 UTC  

Actually 3 I think

2020-11-16 01:47:31 UTC  

She is part of the fraud

2020-11-16 01:47:39 UTC  

She killed nursing home patients

2020-11-16 01:47:52 UTC  

Killed many seniors

2020-11-16 01:47:53 UTC  

All her mandates are unconstitutional

2020-11-16 01:48:01 UTC  


2020-11-16 01:48:17 UTC  

She is one of thousands that are going to GItmo soon

2020-11-16 01:48:43 UTC  

Goodness I hope so

2020-11-16 01:48:55 UTC  

Nessle as well

2020-11-16 01:49:07 UTC  

Her whole posse

2020-11-16 01:50:42 UTC  

Everyone part of the attempt coup going on will go and others too. I also believe it will be needed to go after others pushing the Great Reset in other countries. I believe this is what will absolutely needed to succure our freedom

2020-11-16 01:53:33 UTC  

I took an oath many years ago, still holds true today

2020-11-16 01:56:05 UTC  

Military oath?

2020-11-16 01:56:34 UTC  


2020-11-16 01:57:44 UTC  

Beruit Battalion

2020-11-16 01:59:14 UTC  

Trump took an oath too. There is no way he is letting the Globalists have this country

2020-11-16 01:59:26 UTC  

Thankyou for serving s_whole 🙂

2020-11-16 01:59:26 UTC  

Nor are we

2020-11-16 01:59:56 UTC  

It was my honor to serve

2020-11-16 02:01:13 UTC  

Military already on alert and ready when Trump needs them. I think that will happen, I think mass arrests and such are our only way to stop the scope of the enemy,

2020-11-16 02:01:55 UTC  

Miller replaced Esper for a reason

2020-11-16 02:02:17 UTC  

Military is saving children as well

2020-11-16 02:02:44 UTC  

Yeah a lot is going on we don't know about it

2020-11-16 02:02:49 UTC  

Underground bunkers, cities

2020-11-16 02:04:57 UTC  

Its frustrating waiting for this to end but its all strategy and they have the information and know when its best to act and when to do things. A lot don't understand that

2020-11-16 02:05:17 UTC  

But i understand the frustration. Everyone wants 2020 over

2020-11-16 02:05:28 UTC  

despondant over the fraud

2020-11-16 02:06:52 UTC  

U.S.S COMFORT and MERCY helped as well

2020-11-16 02:08:16 UTC  

On taking down the traffickers?

2020-11-16 02:08:21 UTC  


2020-11-16 02:08:47 UTC  

It makes me feel good that the military has the President's(and our) back

2020-11-16 02:08:52 UTC  

Human/Child trafficking

2020-11-16 02:08:53 UTC  

Because I know we will win

2020-11-16 02:09:43 UTC  

As I have said GOD picked Trump for a reason, zero doubt in my mind

2020-11-16 02:09:51 UTC  


2020-11-16 02:11:06 UTC  

January 1st an E.O. goes in to effect, Trump stated in a Michigan rally. No one can stop it !!!

2020-11-16 02:11:56 UTC  

did he say what it is?

2020-11-16 02:13:54 UTC  

Not disclosing....Just said " It's big...really big"

2020-11-16 02:14:46 UTC  

I wonder if that date will stick if Trump goes to Supreme Court and Biden and company ignore them

2020-11-16 02:15:00 UTC  

In 2018 he did an E.O. on election fraud...they are fooked

2020-11-16 02:15:37 UTC  

I am thinking repeal of the 1871