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@negatic here are the vids

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!mute @Ryzwind

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first stuff i dont see anythign ebside arguments of ignorance and last video shows nicely how stars should move in sky on round earth

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What is a scalar wave

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watch the video

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longitudinal waves?

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oof I've never heard that terminology

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it can be used to heal and power houses and car

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now, let's talk about some real science...

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I'm really excited to see the improvements Artemis will have over the old Apollo equipment

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space technology has always fascinated me. If anything, it's the pinnacle of human advancement in science, IMO.

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If Mars is possible before 2030, we can think further into the future, especially when it comes to the issue with the sun heating up and the habitable zone going further out. We could use Mars as a landing point to pull asteroids past earth to pull its orbit away, just a slight amount to keep us safe.

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There are lots of contingencies...but nonetheless, hopeful.

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Also, having a base on Mars means NASA will mean we can actually send stuff to Jupiter's moons. Exploring Europa's deep oceans and getting I'll be like 35 or 40 by then, but it'll be awesome

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It's a shame you guys can't look forward to that, though. But I'm sure you'll come around.

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Because space doesn’t exist πŸ™‚

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You like your CGI, igi!

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CGI - well, when it's actually CGI and not people who don't know how to make computer generated graphics - is a cool artform, but I prefer hand-drawn art - 2D, basically. Integrating 3D imagery into a live action film is very, very difficult to do right and more often than not looks pretty fake

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there are good examples of really well done CGI

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like Avatar, Interstellar, etc

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but I just prefer that the entire setting of the film is just made into CGI

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instead of combining the two. It's just a personal preference

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and same with 2D art

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hello @Lulaliva

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<:cool3:625748951458512916> how you doing