California Nightmare 3.0

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New account

Iโ€™m pissed off

Damnit discord

Damn man

Just give china some weed

Theyโ€™ll chill out

Iโ€™m a troll



@Lulaliva angry

@California Nightmare 2.0 Got disabled Again!!!

This makes the 6th time

China needs some weed


I can smell colors

Loony toons


My dude

@jeremy three California nightmares
6 accounts in total

Iโ€™m free!

Ice box canโ€™t contain me!!!

@Abe Lover last one is dead

Illegal website || ||


Your nuts

Thatโ€™s what

@ElectroquasistaticMagnetoMan never heard of them



Mission accomplished

Stop the chemtrails


Ban geo engineering


Geo engineering

Chemtrails = Geo Engineering

Rip Ted Gunderson ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Brave man

Heโ€™s not a politician @Atlas the Friendly Robot

@ElectroquasistaticMagnetoMan bringing light to Geo engineering

Heโ€™s not affiliated with any media

Not mainstream

Exposed and proven satanic ritual abuse like Mc Martin

Mc Martin wouldโ€™ve been known as a hoax today if Ted gunderson didnโ€™t step in

His boxes of evidence is not wrong unfortunately

Especially his photo evidence


Stop being lazy

Not here to spoon feed you

The best truth is self discovered truth

Video on Mc Martin

Sad to see how much of the evidence be dismissed by the court protecting the pedos

No itโ€™s not @Atlas the Friendly Robot

@ElectroquasistaticMagnetoMan so the Mc Martin preschool case is a lie?

Mass report raid in 24/7

I suspect I got disabled because of a mass reporting by some trolls in 24/7


He put me in ice box but thatโ€™s all

24/7 was raided by like 15 people

@Atlas the Friendly Robot no
Stop trying to make assumptions
Instead you should watch the video and see the evidence yourself

!mute @Atlas the Friendly Robot using ad hominems and dismissing evidence without looking at it...begone time wasting troll

Yeti was disabled because he was banned from this server

I lost all respect for that man

You know what he did right?

Or did you miss the drama that happened awhile ago

Oh ok

He took over the original 24/7

Banned a lot of people

The server went from 35k to like 15k in one day

Maybe but personally I donโ€™t think so

Iโ€™d assume he was just greedy for power

He got ownership

His 24/7 is now a Minecraft flat earth server

I also donโ€™t like metatron

Fuck them
Project Bluebeam fuckers

I agree

He didnโ€™t have to ban all the admin

And most of the mods




If you wanna see witches
Go to Hollywood

Or visit a Kabbalah center

I wish someone could prove coriolis ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Like why donโ€™t pilots take it into account when flying a plane

7,313 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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