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Do I turn in the heretics to the vicar?

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@NPCLovesArianaGrande confirm titty identification

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@powerpuff boy Yes they reject him. Kabbalah is loads of occult shit that their branch of jusiaism so pretty bad. All these sex cults are based on Kabbalah for one thing

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who is kaballah

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its big inhollywood i hear

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do they have golems

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Ted Pike did nothing wrong

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Kabbalah is a load of mystical books

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That is based on Judaism

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Madonna was into that stuff which is no surprise

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And followed by certain Jewish sects

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All the Hollywood weirdos are into it yeah

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sipping rn boys

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why dont these people understand experiential pentecostalism will meet all human desires for supernatural ecstatic revelations

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Sipping what

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Gamer girl pee?

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Diet soda is beta

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no need for sweat tents and magic crystals

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@PalinPower These people deny Christ and even the cultural Christians that follow it are following an ideology that was made by Christ deniers

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pretty much

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The thing some people going into Hollywood won’t understand

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i think the hollywood people are just really broken

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They’ll do rituals thinking lol it’s something the big guys do I wanna join in

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Then they’ll get in too deep and suddenly they’re getting blackmailed , abused and fed drugs

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@Metaphysical Monarchist of course , so there's no good version of Judaism

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@powerpuff boy There are some ok versions but still not Christian

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Some are anti Isreal -messianic and some orthodox groups that actually used to be targeted by Mossad for their beliefs- but still there’s the subversion

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Blacks Jews don’t really have all the subversion shut

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Because they don’t have the same dna or wealth as Ashekenzas Sephardic

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All are potent right ?

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In what context