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No capital needs to be allocated to large ventures and small ventures and a system must be built for distributing it

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The morals of borrowing and fulfilling your debts is a great motivator

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As well as a class

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That was already done by aristocracy

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there was no need for the bankers

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Like think of certain chemical reactions

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Where you need a certain amount of energy to cross the threshold and trigger the reaction

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Thats my argument i guess

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nah satan dunnit

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Gonna go watch something now

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cya man

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thats a good theory

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Yes. Especially as far as handling money. As far as establishing control not so much the rules but attitudes that jews are our brothers and the misinterpretation of turning the other check. Pretty sure the bible says don't be a fucking doormat.. maybe not those exact words-but it's there

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To answer the question: No, not chiefly. Two big reasons IMO:
- “can’t criticize Jews or you’re anti Semitic” effect. Allows you to get away with a lot
- Highest average IQ among Jews

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Also Jewish culture has great teachings on business and money. Survivors of constant persecution throughout history make them ambitious by default as a culture, too.

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The truth is the Jews want everyone to think their masterminding everything. It's part of their scheme.

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They’re in top positions everywhere. But still no proof there’s a Jewish conspiracy of some sort

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Lol what if the plan is just to help white people succeed how cucked would those white supremacists be.

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>let's help whites by destroying their race

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the bible hates the jews, it is subversion that has them where they are today

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as for the don't be a doormat thing, ironically that's part of the actual meaning of turn the other cheek

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who cares about the bible really though

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supposedly Christians

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their just jews with extra steps

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they are opposites on everything

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jesus was a jew so followers of a jew are jews with extra steps change my mind.

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revelations 3:9

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I dont speak bible

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the jews of today are not true jews but rather they are the sons and daughters of their father, Satan

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At least their not jews

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the Pharisees had moved after the diaspora and taught their satanic kabballah to others

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those who follow it are talmudists and are amongst those we now call jews