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Fuck the corrupt*

It'd be nice to pass an amendment banning dual-citizenships from taking public office.

and banning foreign influence (AIPAC)

anti-censorship legislation is bad? How can it ever be bad?

White democrats are actual cowards

This is a grudge lasting since the fall of Babylon. @πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ

I'm a National Syndicalist

aye, as have I

still in his comfy position

above morality

My link is pretty useful

I know what you mean, I went through that phase

fascists aren't even bad

The Jews are quick to try to profit on their holocaust narrative

I do not want another world of communism

The cold war was suppose to be behind us.

@R E P T I L E i think i hate neocons more than liberals.

aye x2

A lot rides on this midterm

I would be fine leaving the middle east, I'd in fact enjoy empowering syria and russia's endeavors

at least they'll bring real stability

@WildRooHuntingTutorials despite being a NatSyn, I understand what you mean

@Swamp Killer yea, what happened to actual /imperialism/

@FLanon well, israel is our number 1 espionage threat, can't imagine why.

I am at University now, let me say:
2 people bring up whites unprompted
a white chick who is "intelligent" and consistently says, "whites are terrible" something something imperialism, slavery, etc.... (try to correct her and she's like, yea, but we're the worst. etc, she refuses to even listen to a response)
and an indian muslim, who just hates white people, but is not explicit about hating whites "just their actions"

@zakattack04 I have told her, I have described the arab slave trade and etc. I've described jew owned slave ships. etc.
I've shown stats of how imperialism has only helped the colonies and showed how when Europeans have left the natives have made it worse, year after year.
@FLanon I am an honors student, I feel narcissistic to mention it, but yes, I see this shit a lot.

@Swamp Killer I live in Iowa, 90%+ white
my town in particular 99.+% white.
like 2 black families. (one a half-black family)
both were culturally absurd and very democratic.

@zakattack04 women are idiots. They only change for men
Those that don't end up being jaded and losing the battle to their biological clock

Trump hasn't even been that unpresidential :/

@FLanon it is sad that this is the reality that we all face

The worst part I hate about california <@&414473406264639488>
Is that the liberals see their state collapse and move somewhere better and ruin that state too.

@Swamp Killer My college has: Black history month, culture week (black and latino celebtration), Latinx History month, tons of chinese celebrations and etc.
And in contrast
we don't celebrate a single white thing, not a single Christian holiday (there have been judaic, islamic, buddhist celebrations) They have a mexican dinner planned for st. patrick's....

I hate FDR more than any other president.
If I was Teddy, I would have killed Franklin.

I fear that Texas, Michigan, and Florida are next to fall to the blue menace.

>_> Iowa is pretty good honestly

@zakattack04 Democrats literally buy votes.



Jews took over hollywood

that was what started this


@Swamp Killer Germans saved Jews first.

then the jews revolted, ending ww1

^my take on jews


My only question is where

Where are whites to go

where can we be

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ if only we were so lucky

I have so much hate left in my heart.


That is why our goals matter

Should we win

We can reverse this hell

@Swamp Killer you can remove gibs and give incentives to leave.

@zakattack04 you act as the democrats

you do not touch it directly

you just tear away at the supports that maintain it

they will destroy themselves

every time

prove me wrong.

I was born 1999 :/

It's almost as if


were strongest in those times


the neocons and the cowardly world war conservatives are dying

the boomers are cowardly neocons


@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ I am a National Syndicalist.

I respect libertarians for their optimism, but I shun their failures

@Swamp Killer aye, the hoppean lolberts are more than half decent though

they believe in "corporate freedom"

It's clear that social media is public domain

I honestly can not relate

my parents did not really raise me socially

So I was raised by my church and old books

I started as a monarchist.

my family was and is vaguely republican

@Swamp Killer I literally can not imagine thinking that way.

#pray for paris
#hope for the death of muslims

white is the only colour one can not get

when mixing colours

the only thing I'm unsure of is who my enemies are

@FLanon I know, but to what extent do my enemies live. Is it truly global and universal

I hate the though

@R E P T I L E just a bunch of jaded people who wish for the best but have been constantly spat on

@R E P T I L E I'm a simple man, I've never started anything.

Catholic school hasn't worked very well either :/

from the people I'v emet

@FLanon I've met a lot of catholic school graduates who are sluts, atheists, punks, etc

I'm a Lutheran, so I feel it is obvious when I say

I fucking hate the Pope

Oh that you would slay the wicked, O God!
O men of blood, depart from me!
They speak against you with malicious intent;
your enemies take your name in vain.[b]
Do I not hate those who hate you, O Lord?
And do I not loathe those who rise up against you?
I hate them with complete hatred;
I count them my enemies.

I'm in college now :/



I never wanted to be in politics

I wanted to study longevity

I always have.



I wish it didn't appear increasingly necessary

@FLanon given that universities are losing money

How easily do you think it'll be to force them to cut diversity classes and requirements

Public schools

@Swamp Killer I /have/ to take cultural history and diversity courses as general credits to graduate with any degree

University of Iowa

the most liberal college in the most liberal city in Iowa

@FLanon many, not all

many state schools are like that

@Swamp Killer I'm a "farming" family
I get no fafsa money,
All of my money is from Good grades

I got merit for full tuition, all I have to do is pay room and board, which is expensive, but bearable

undergraduate school -> graduate school -> professor or researcher

I plan to crush Cultural Marxism as well as I can

@zakattack04 you could always pretend to be democrats

my view:
The working class is the most respectable group and must be empowered through meritocratic hierarchy.

nothing works without entire homogeneity

By the way, I'm a NatSYN, not a NatSOC

>just an important distinction.

eh, close enough

National Syndicalist

Saxon and Irish

good night

how old are ye

i can hope

what is the blackpill that results in unending hate and rage rather than depression?

whites balkanize -> other states collapse -> reconquer lost lands

the states are kinda too small

except for new york, texas, and california

My greatest fear is the end of the white race

When the white race ends, I fear humanity does.

If there was a white communist revolt

I think I could cope

true, but if it happened

I could cope with it

@FLanon that pic, unironically was given to us by enoch powell

what happens if europe falls

alwasy hope for the best and expect the worst.

sweden also

and england

europe is too atheistic now

if the next pope is truly the "far-right" one people porject it will be

we should be in good hands

what if we just ended the war in the middle east

we could shift the responsibility all the way to russia and syria

if we ended all aid to israel

If we ended AIPAC

we would gain great ground

we could edge it in as treachery

the russian "hystery"

and expand it

beyond their control

AIPAC is target number 1.

but otherwise

*eye roll*

words = real violence!

ban hate speech

#sky fairy

the french build the mosques too

I don't know what I hope for more

everything to return to peace

for the dark enlightenment to arise as it will

well, it is forced tax of non-muslims

I'd choose islam over judaism and communism

any day

Judaism will take advantage and enslave you

every moment

compare it to the talmud.

a bit worse than that

Muslims are predictable.

they tend to be subversive

a good overview

modern jews are not ethnic jews with similar relation to the jews in the bible

but he converted

good night lads

who is Connor Lamb

but like

I am missing most of the story >_>

as in

what district

for house of reps...?

and what'd he win + what was he elected on

ah, well, I see why he won then ^^;

Just wanted to take this moment: this is a map of state legislatures by unanimous majority by party


(red = republican governor, house, and senate)

(blue= democrat)

This is to say, we almost have amendment powers as republicans

@Deleted User banning dual citizenship

in public office

maybe requiring voter ID

or some other campaign reform

block-chain voting

2018-03-16 16:27:03 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-york]  

it's a matter of motivating them to run

not up to me, but it's kinda dangerous to spread it on pol

kinda compromised

too many people specifically involved in infiltration

@Deleted User do we know who came from the antifa invites?

aye sir ;^^

The problem for us is neocons

the problem for our enemies

are the alt-right and their many heads

@zakattack04 @spooky When I say many heads, I mean many ideologies, we do lack many leaders


New name for alt-right, not all of it, but most of it

Dark Enlightenment

Not a good name for optics, but it is a thing

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