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Hey my nibbas

Be hypnotized




waka waka

cake is better imo

one more

there were 7 guys inside of him at the time


Fit buu is the best buu tbh


Hes better than super buu when super buu hasnt absorbed anyone

Unless you are a weeb, you wont understand me


you look like a crack head now

I like deus vult you better

the cheeki breeli pic is good though

I like this server because despite the name, there arent many political debates

Its pretty chill

Well, I dont engage in em

I've mellowed in terms of my will to debate

It gets boring

Its no fun anymore


Do you mean in general

I've mainly just focused on improving myself, in all aspects. I'm still under 18 so i live with my parents, and my dad now moved us into a house with my stepfamily and I don't like em too much so I've grown competitive.

Cheesy, I know

but, eh

I'd save up until my mid 20's tbh

Yea lol

I know it seems all basement dwellery, but what do i care. Its best not to move out until you are ready.

And i literally live in my parents basement


I mean basement basement

laundry room basement

It doesnt get loud, but i have to turn off the vents in winter, it gets hot. And i get big ass bugs down here

I live north

so no cockroaches

but i get big beetles

They are the size of cockroaches

Yes, we also have the walls lined with anti bug stuff. It works for the most part, but bugs sometimes come in

Because 7 people live in our house, and for some reason my parents want 2 living rooms

Pretty huge tbh

I dont know exactly how big it is, but its decently big

But its essentially a 5 bedroom house, but 3 rooms were built after we bought it

It was originally a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house

Its bigger on the inside, like the Tardis

@Doctor Anon can you make it so when you level up, this video plays?


Hey, usually the server gets active in a few hours from now. I wouldnt expect much atm

Yea, i suppose that was a bit of an oversight

Theres a million versions of the bible

there *is* a original one, as in the closest to an original

meaning the oldest one we can translate



more like



Fuck, today was a shitshow

Grad parties everywhere, I'm exhausted


I was on moving literally everything duty

And on top of that, I'm not much a social person

What friends?

No seriously, I went to my step brothers graduation party and I knew no one there

I had to

My step brother looks mexican

So wanna hang out with him?

Add one more to your mexican friend list

buona notte

do you?

I said that as you typed that

shut up

Chads like me dont need gfs

At least people can pronounce my profile name

It does

What if you are in vc

Ignore the fact you have milk in parenthesis

But still, it looks like you mashed your face on the keyboard



Ima call this buuposting

get it?

I'm probably the only person here who likes dragonball, let alone basically obsessed with it

But eh, I'll do it anyways


more like a supervillain, with a good heart

Because boy drink milk

And buu give milk to boy

You should watch dbz

Its pretty good

super buu, evil buu and kid buu always look pissed for some reason

What did the world ever do to them

Buu rankings:

Super Buu = Majin Buu (Inc. fit buu and good buu) > Evil Buu > Mega Buu > Kid buu

Fit buu is the strongest out of all of em

And with more training, buu could have become the best fighter in all of the multiverse considering all buu had to do to get in shape was train for 2 hours

Fit buu matched goku at his base form

And with more training, he could have probably go toe to toe with ssgss goku in time

Something even super buu or mega buu probably couldn't have done

But that is just guess work since goku never fought any of the buus in super saiyan blue


Im sure all of that wasnt too hard to handle. I mean, if you know anything about db, you should at least understand a little bit?

no u

How could he be a virgin with a face like that?

And he is the only majin in existence

And requires a partner to procreate

its on adult swim

And besides, I'm not an adult

Well, I'm not a grown adult so i dont care

I dont go into nsfw channels my dude

I mute them

No porn on my christian discord server

@Doctor Anon you gonna take that?

Only staff can post images

in main



If you want nsfw


I am technically in a higher position than you, i'm guessing doc deleted that but still

Implying you shouldnt care

Kozv is pretty gay tbh

Ima sleep

buona notte fica

so funny lol

Right wingers are pretty gay tbh

@Doctor Anon delete this server

@shlomar welcome

Absolutely nothing you commie

"censor what goes against the bible"

what do you mean by that?

πŸ€” @PebbΠ›e

Cuz people dont like getting their feelings hurt

I'm no libertarian, but jeese

I dont give a shit what you believe, you have the right to believe and spread your ideas

Even if i hate them

Who said, "You have the right"?

Oh me


You saying im not a nationalist?

Depends what you mean by that

When you put it like that, no

What I mean by nationalism is cultural nationalism, thats the kind of nationalism i believe in. Not ethnic or civic

You wouldnt, ethnic nationalism is too limiting, america (my country) was essentially built on immigration and blocking off mostly all forms of immigration would be kind of hypocritical, dont you think?

And besides, if you are worried about terrorism and all that crap.....

I doubt that would stop

I brb, gonna read that

@Deleted User Poor point tbh

That made no sense

Nazis (natsocs) and fascists actually push me further from authoritarianism tbh

Just as communism pushed me away from leftism, nazism is gonna push me away from authoritarianism

I never said you were

I wont name names but still

I know, just saying lol

1. I meant your second point, I wasn't talking about your first one
2.Who said i wanted to do what the founders intended? πŸ€”

I dont recall even mentioning the founders

but then again

Its late at night

So maybe i said something like that?

1. I never said *that* was stupid, but now this is starting to get.... whats the word.... petty? Dunno, replace that word with a better one. But what was this argument about anyways?

I better get to bed soon, so lets wrap this up as soon as possible, please

What do you mean by sovereign homeland though?

I mean its best to have some outside input so i guess limited immigration is important

@Deleted User Then i agree, to a certain degree at least


white ALONE

Actually nevermind

its 61.3 percent

Again, i corrected myself. Its 61 percent

A pretty decently sized one, too

A lot of the fault goes to sanctuary cities, actually

I dont know how much of them count but still

make up your mind

I cant say you are wrong

milky boy

I never said they weren't

Then i do

Is it really a question you have to ask?

Then obviously the monopoly



Still no, but im tired so fuck you

@Lotus Calme least he isnt a shitty step brother

@Deleted User Grandmas are always nice

My grandma and grandpa give me a dollar every time i visit

I especially loved that when i was a young child because i loved going to the dollar store

and they say 1 dollar cant buy you anything

thats true, 1 dollar cant buy much unless you're a kid

My grandma isnt much a a cooker, she could cook, but she didnt make cookies or anything

Thats more of what my mum does

My mom LOVES cooking

Only has time to cook when i visit though, she works 24/7

Shes a pretty good cook though

I told her to just work at a restaurant but for some reason, she won't

There's a eat 'n' park thats hiring too

It pays just as well

Like wtf

She works at a, whats the word.

She works with people who aren't playing with a full deck of cards

Takes care of autists and insane people

She gets hurt once or twice a week, lol

Including broken bones


Stuff like that

I know

Thats essentially what my mom does, but on a whole different level

SHe deals with murderers


Just your normal everyday guy

She is a cook

She loves cooking

She used to be a manager of a company that does something similar to what she does now

But a lot better

Not as stabby

But the people who worked there....

THey did nothing

They were totally incompetent

She did all the work, basically

But got fired for what is essentially scamming


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