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2019-03-04 08:09:32 UTC  

I did not mean to disturb you. I apologize. Why were you upset at videos being posted? You did not have to watch them? I am confused you are right.

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2019-03-04 08:18:13 UTC  

Man, are you okay.

2019-03-04 08:18:14 UTC  

Howdy @Puzzloo

2019-03-04 08:18:25 UTC  

How's it going?

2019-03-04 08:18:44 UTC  

Don't ping me when I'm here.

2019-03-04 08:18:50 UTC  

And I'm doing fine thank you.

2019-03-04 08:19:07 UTC  

oh so you were talking to me?

2019-03-04 08:19:13 UTC  

I'm fine thanks.

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2019-03-04 11:58:25 UTC  

This is a flat earth server? 😄

2019-03-04 12:22:48 UTC  

the earth is a cat

2019-03-04 12:24:47 UTC  

The earth is a globe

2019-03-04 12:24:52 UTC  

Change my mind

2019-03-04 12:28:29 UTC  

Okay guys

2019-03-04 12:28:34 UTC  

That one really bothers me

2019-03-04 12:28:42 UTC  

You really are against vaccines??!?!

2019-03-04 12:29:03 UTC  

Can I go into VC with someone and listen to their opinion?

2019-03-04 12:38:46 UTC  

Vaccines are gud

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2019-03-04 12:40:12 UTC  

@The Gwench Can you explain why you are against vaccienes?

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2019-03-04 13:06:53 UTC  

@The Gwench what is that role that says Zink what does it mean last time it was lead

2019-03-04 13:55:10 UTC  


2019-03-04 13:55:30 UTC  

It's just a role for ranking

2019-03-04 13:55:39 UTC  

The first one

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2019-03-04 14:00:54 UTC  

@Puzzloo Your reaction to being pinged by someone who is only being gracious has to be one of the rudest comments I’ve ever seen. It’s normal to @mention someone when there are multiple people in the room. Talk to me that way and you’re gone. Am I understood?

2019-03-04 14:46:59 UTC  

@Puzzloo Satan has your soul, realise the globe is the occult, we're trying to help you, you're not trying to help us. Thank you

2019-03-04 14:57:20 UTC  


2019-03-04 15:06:07 UTC  

**Question Of The Day #20**

Should topics such as 9/11, vaccines, conspiracies, and flat earth be shadow-banned or censored on google and all social media?

Please share your thoughts here in the <#484514023698726912> 😃

2019-03-04 15:06:50 UTC  

@Human Sheeple Good morning. 😃

2019-03-04 15:07:12 UTC  

At least it’s morning where I am. 🤔

2019-03-04 15:14:05 UTC  

How's things?

2019-03-04 15:16:46 UTC  

Question 20: Free speech is a right, when man starts taking your tongue out with a knife he is doing the work of the Devil. Unfortunately google, jewtube, kikebook and shitter all have OWNERS and SHAREHOLDERS. So they have the right to free speech on their private property. So if they don't want to permit you to use their property to speak freely, just don't use their property and make your own forum, website, application etc where you can.