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good morning

pfft wow

the mind is malleable. change my mind.

alright. alittle bit tired but fine

@x K p the purpose of this server is electronic lobotomy for everyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

its working ๐Ÿ˜‚

my conspiracy theory is better than yours

thats not a conspiracy theory, try again

i already beat yours

cuz you just lost the game

any evidence? i provided evidence for mine, youre part of the conspiracy

so is your face ๐Ÿ˜›

you dont have a choice

clownless, watch it and see

ukrainian congressman telling you directly what was going on

what if i dont want to google all that for the 99 billionth time?

youre muted for a week

ikr im always muting everybody

i mute clownless all the time, she doesnt complain

there was drama? im glad i missed it

ive noticed youtubers doing that too though

that would have been funny

im having fun making sure they got the bots right though

hyper, how are you?

did chad do the bots?

i shouldnt have acess

i havent acessed a command

i shouldnt be able to

it was funny though

chad look what somebody told me earlier

CIA RunnerToday at 6:12 PM
harp up in the north-west territories, theyโ€™re spraying chem trails, 9/11 most definitely an inside job just google building 7, theyโ€™re up in bohemian grove worshipping owls, apparently the Earth is flat there were giant trees that were cut down because the moon landing was probably fake, FEMA camps got all kinds of mass graves everywhere because maybe a huge meteorite or alien invasion is coming but they donโ€™t want to tell us and spread mass panic

clownless did you get a chance to watch that video?

i liked the responsiveness i saw when i looked like a raid might have been incoming

i used to being the only mod who pays attention and does what im supposed to

met like lastnight

it isnt what youre making of it

in this case, its offense taken, not given

im speaking to you casually, and this is a chat room, dont be surprised is a friendly person says hi to you

chad you might try lead instead, it seems more likely to interfere with that stuff

should just go to the patents instead

its on google patents

18,080 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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