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2018-09-21 02:15:16 UTC  

the idea is that prot churches dont teach anything relating to Christianity but feelsgoodman tier reconciliation with their daily sins out of the bible

2018-09-21 02:15:52 UTC  

If we assume that this is truly what protestantism is, why would we need to defend

2018-09-21 02:16:02 UTC  

it if our lives are based around it

2018-09-21 02:16:13 UTC  

oh wait

2018-09-21 02:16:15 UTC  

i did a dumb

2018-09-21 02:17:23 UTC  

its apostolic Church that Jesus started and has history and tradition stemming for 2k years or decentralized prot churches that rhizomatically extend and break canon and continually fracture the meaning of Christianity

2018-09-21 02:18:27 UTC  

so are you saying that to keep our minds and thoughts unified, we must all delve into the history and tradition of what Jesus intended the church to become?

2018-09-21 02:18:40 UTC  

and question when our branches lead us off that path

2018-09-21 02:19:13 UTC  

The church should belong to the central body that succeeded Christ and the apostles as intended

2018-09-21 02:19:37 UTC  

so the early church that Peter “began”

2018-09-21 02:20:15 UTC  

the Church that Peter held primacy over and that the apostles consecrated their successors for

2018-09-21 02:20:20 UTC  

what we have now is only because we did delve deeper, to seek more meaning in that tradition, that history, that we were left with

2018-09-21 02:20:27 UTC  

No the early church that Christ began when he established it with peter at its head

2018-09-21 02:20:44 UTC  

which Peter spread

2018-09-21 03:43:10 UTC  

@Chilliam Ace bailing out the banks is not Socialism

2018-09-21 03:43:17 UTC  

we had to do it to prevent the entire system from falling apart

2018-09-21 03:46:34 UTC  

@agag notice how he doesn't know anything

2018-09-21 04:04:28 UTC  

Socialism would be nationalizing the banks

2018-09-21 04:09:05 UTC  

muh government do thing? that socailsm

2018-09-21 04:09:19 UTC  

carl marks said government to do thing

2018-09-21 04:46:00 UTC  

@PebbЛe why is he gone

2018-09-21 04:46:11 UTC  

why never respond

2018-09-21 04:52:10 UTC  

he might have gone to sleep at 10pm like a normal person

2018-09-21 04:54:02 UTC  

he was in voice earlier man I saw him in there

2018-09-21 11:24:56 UTC  

@Chilliam Ace was pinochet a socialist

2018-09-21 11:25:04 UTC  

he bailed out the banks in '81

2018-09-22 03:51:52 UTC  

I'm most likely wrong about this, but Sigmund Freud's work mostly depicted the minds of sluts as well as soyboy-manwhores, while also advocating for the conversion of EVERYBODY into a masturbation-addicted mindless soywhore/dykeslut.

2018-09-22 04:04:58 UTC  

You mean his stages of life?

2018-09-22 04:05:23 UTC  

Where one related to a specific part of the body

2018-09-22 04:05:37 UTC  

Oral stage, phallic stage,etc.

2018-09-22 04:06:09 UTC  

Not just that, I'm talking about EVERY piece of his work relating to how, according to him, the entire human brain is driven purely by the desire for sexual pleasure, which INCLUDES his "Stages Of Life" idea.

2018-09-22 04:06:34 UTC  

And people's mothers

2018-09-22 04:07:32 UTC  

He had quite the fixation on people's mothers being the reason for their psychological development

2018-09-22 04:07:57 UTC  

He really liked some motherfuckers, that's for sure.

2018-09-22 04:08:31 UTC  

Back on topic, it's fucking sick.

2018-09-22 04:08:43 UTC  

Well he was right about the oedipus complex

2018-09-22 04:09:29 UTC  

Yes, but of all the things to name them, why would he make them all pertain to sexual acts?

2018-09-22 04:09:40 UTC  

Especially if it has to do with CHILDREN DEVELOPING?

2018-09-22 04:11:02 UTC  

He saw the body as a pretty damn important part of psychology and the idea of cognition wasn't really prevalent at his time.

2018-09-22 04:11:48 UTC  

He was physical with his ideas instead of metaphysical like the idea of cognition today

2018-09-22 04:12:48 UTC  

That's understandable, but why wouldn't he name them as `Consumption`, `Expulsion`, and `Desire`?