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2019-04-07 19:09:41 UTC

2019-04-07 19:09:42 UTC  

yeah me too

2019-04-07 19:09:51 UTC  

@×Iwnz× Do You not see the amount of people here trying to talk? You're not seriously expecting every mod to get to every single question or comment posted by every single other member are you?

2019-04-07 19:09:59 UTC  

@The pizza Yes of course thank you for reporting Biga S for scientific fraud I will ban him at once

2019-04-07 19:10:01 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth your mind is like the earth! flat

2019-04-07 19:10:14 UTC  

<:lul:484994724118134784> <:lul:484994724118134784> <:lul:484994724118134784>

2019-04-07 19:10:15 UTC  

>>mute @Biga S

2019-04-07 19:10:15 UTC  

<:vError:390229421228949504> **Biga S**#3381 is already muted!

2019-04-07 19:10:18 UTC  
2019-04-07 19:10:30 UTC  


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2019-04-07 19:10:43 UTC  

@Human Sheeple nope No personal attacks rule 4 you said go f yourself to biga s and piss yourself to me thats what he did and should get punished accordingly

2019-04-07 19:10:53 UTC

2019-04-07 19:10:54 UTC  

No I didn't

2019-04-07 19:11:02 UTC  

May I see your proof of this please?

2019-04-07 19:11:08 UTC  

I was talking about @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄

2019-04-07 19:11:27 UTC  


2019-04-07 19:11:28 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 did you tell this guy to go fuck himself?

2019-04-07 19:11:51 UTC  

Not that guy

2019-04-07 19:11:56 UTC  

I told him to piss off

2019-04-07 19:11:58 UTC  

Nope he told big s to f himself he told me to piss off

2019-04-07 19:12:04 UTC  

He's concern trolling

2019-04-07 19:12:18 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 Alright well I think we can settle this case. Well this is an informal caution, case dismissed.

2019-04-07 19:12:45 UTC  

same trolls tring to start trouble, that don't look at anything they are shown and waste people's time - ban them all

2019-04-07 19:13:01 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth Stop echo-chambering the place

2019-04-07 19:13:13 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth that's called giving your opinion

2019-04-07 19:13:16 UTC  

now that the troll is gone, what is on the other side of a flat earth?

2019-04-07 19:13:52 UTC  

probably water

2019-04-07 19:13:54 UTC  

Underneath? Oil

2019-04-07 19:13:58 UTC  

: /

2019-04-07 19:13:58 UTC  

Worth billions

2019-04-07 19:14:04 UTC  

just floating?

2019-04-07 19:14:13 UTC  

or is it being suspended by something solid

2019-04-07 19:14:51 UTC  

i can't be here anymore for now.. i really gotta go guys but it was great

2019-04-07 19:14:56 UTC  


2019-04-07 19:15:10 UTC  

this subject freaks me out too much

2019-04-07 19:15:13 UTC  

@The pizza I suppose You just happened to ***IGNORE*** all of the condescending comments he tossed at me? Said how insanely stupid we were for thinking the earth was flat? Having flat brains? Having a negative IQ?
I suppose you just ignored all of that to attack me did you? Fucking try me, troll. You have nothing. You deliberately ignored all of those for the slightest chance to attack me and it failed. I'd be extremely careful as to how you proceed, if I were you.

2019-04-07 19:15:15 UTC  

that's the problem

2019-04-07 19:15:31 UTC  

Cya Carlito have a great time!

2019-04-07 19:15:38 UTC  

@Seeker of Truth I think Sheeple means, let’s try to avoid banning if possible.

2019-04-07 19:15:49 UTC  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 Alright that's now a formal caution, mind your language in front of the children