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Ok, well when you say something dumb like "the Nazis were going to take over the world" people are going to have a harder time listening to you.

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no they thought they were

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They were that arrogant

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They really weren't.

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Essentially what holocaust deniers do is use extremely unreliable sources as their main argument and continually bring up books, novels, interviews, movies made by not one person that is acclaimed at all. I'd think if it were such a strong movement it would have more support from people of importance.

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Yes, killing millions of jews because you believe they are less worthy than you is not arrogant at all...

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Might as well be

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They wanted the majority of Europe

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a good chunk of Russia and to unite Germany under one

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I am saying they weren't going for world domination.

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@liqhts sorry my dude, I was outside with my dog

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Ok I will go through that

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Have you looked at a political map of 1936?

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Give me a sec

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It's fine just check up what we wrote.

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The UK is MANY times larger than Germany could ever hope to be.

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As was France.

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Germany projected they would be most effective in 1945. they didn't want the war in 1939.

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And the USSR became a massive monstrosity in the years after World War II.

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First of all Himmler was a traitor and a larping pagan

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Germany wanted more land, yes, but certainly not "world domination."

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You will see that later on, in the trials

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Thats like saying Manifest Destiny was the US going for world domination.

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Its silly.

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Second, about Zykkon B

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When you use Zykkon B in a sealed room, like those Gas Chambers showed in documentaries

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It is impossible to get inside for like 2-3 days

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because the chemicals insde the thing are so

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mmmmm idk the word, give me a sec

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like, they don't dissapear instantly

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A traitor?

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so, in order to re-use that chamber

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That doesn't take away from the validity of his statements

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As you said it yourself

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you need a "warning agent"

2018-04-12 00:20:22 UTC  

like a descontamination agent

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if you don't have that

2018-04-12 00:20:37 UTC  

that room is unusable for at least 3 days

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They did buy Zykkon B