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2018-04-17 00:30:05 UTC  

Sounds like Israel has attacked Syria again

2018-04-17 00:31:55 UTC  

How can we make Trump focus on Immigration

2018-04-17 00:33:11 UTC  

You can't.

2018-04-17 00:34:04 UTC  

He has betrayed his voters several times over. He clearly would rather listen to the schlomos at the top that have been raping America for decades than actually change anything.

2018-04-17 00:34:33 UTC  

But he's a step in the right direction - his election is still a very good thing for America.

2018-04-17 00:35:16 UTC  

Trump really needs to prove he's not compromised if he wants to be reelected

2018-04-17 00:46:29 UTC  

We had to go for MAGA and give it a try

2018-04-17 00:46:31 UTC  

dont feel bad

2018-04-17 00:46:58 UTC  

I dont

2018-04-17 00:47:14 UTC  

i just feel disappointed and dumb thinking that things would actually change

2018-04-17 00:47:19 UTC  

Trump's election was still a victory. You won't go from Obama to Mussolini in one election.

2018-04-17 00:47:24 UTC  

I suppose

2018-04-17 00:47:38 UTC  

I haven't completely abandoned Trump but as of now

2018-04-17 00:47:47 UTC  

Hes got a loooong way to go to get my vote

2018-04-17 00:48:11 UTC  

which i think is fair given recent events

2018-04-17 01:03:16 UTC  

Pills haven't been this black in a while

2018-04-17 01:05:05 UTC  

Here's a much needed white pill

2018-04-17 01:05:18 UTC  

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2018-04-17 01:05:49 UTC  

I really like watching stuff like this

2018-04-17 01:42:43 UTC  

thats great, which city?

2018-04-17 01:42:54 UTC  

love the bagpipes

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2018-04-17 02:11:42 UTC  

California is so retarded they want you to pay taxes for out of state purchases on your tax return

2018-04-17 02:11:53 UTC  

Please save us Bashar!

2018-04-17 02:15:51 UTC  


2018-04-17 02:16:06 UTC  

unreal they are jewing me so bad on bitcoin

2018-04-17 02:16:10 UTC  


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2018-04-17 02:59:52 UTC  

wasnt this literally his testament before he and his family commited suicide

2018-04-17 02:59:57 UTC  


2018-04-17 03:00:06 UTC  

kind of out of place picture lol

2018-04-17 03:02:33 UTC  

i can delete if need be

2018-04-17 03:16:53 UTC  

Do any of you remember finding out about people who thought nazis and hitler werent bad guys?

2018-04-17 03:17:01 UTC  

and thinking that they are either insane or just like evil

2018-04-17 03:17:08 UTC  

so weird to be on the other side of it now

2018-04-17 03:17:27 UTC  

it is

2018-04-17 03:17:35 UTC  

But at least we're on the right side now