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Cartoon faggotry........Apt description....

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you wot?

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memes are dead

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its 2017 memes are no longer funny

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when novelty culture commits suicide due to no longer being new..

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@Still_white-MN Blasphemy!

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Awesome, donated.

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"Pope Francis Calls For ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’


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I was baptised but every day that this satanic Marxist sits in Rome is another day where I become more receptive to the Protestant notion that the Pope is actually the Antichrist

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The Catholic Church has always been on this route

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Not always

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Even the last pope was fine

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Fucking papists

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The Orgy must be over at the Vatican?

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The church itself is the problem

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The protestant churches that split because of corruption became even worse in that regard

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Sectarianism is cancer

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Based Martin Luther starting the religious wars of Europe and being responsible for tens of millions of deaths

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tfw you convince a German prince to set armies on peasants who refuse to convert to your weird new sect

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That's not even the half of it

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Do you know about Calvinism?

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Wear all black, no music or entertainment allowed, no religious iconography

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They were Christian Muslims holed up in Geneva

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yall mustve heard of those five canuck military men who got fired

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They also believed that god had already chosen who was worthy of salvation before they were born so it totally defeated the point of it

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for trying to protect the sanctitiy of the leaf flag

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I don't even care at this point

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Saving them will do nothing

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This is a symptom not the problem

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literally takes stwo minutes

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Well I'm certainly not going to sign it now