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2017-06-23 03:35:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

evening gentlemen

2017-07-06 20:11:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

wtf is minecraft?

2017-07-06 20:12:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

cartoon faggotry

2017-07-06 20:21:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

you wot?

2017-07-06 20:22:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

memes are dead

2017-07-06 20:22:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

its 2017 memes are no longer funny

2017-07-06 21:11:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The Orgy must be over at the Vatican?

2017-07-06 21:22:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

we aren't your personal army

2017-07-06 21:22:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

quit harassing me

2017-07-06 21:22:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-06 21:23:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

well then

2017-07-06 21:24:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

pushing his proud boy agenda on me

2017-07-06 21:24:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

not from a leaf

2017-07-06 21:26:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

occupied? Commiefornia?

2017-07-06 21:27:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Never been there, Have no desire. Kick California out and make Poland the 50th state

2017-07-06 21:28:10 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Poland will get ruined anyways...The muzzies are coming..only a matter of time

2017-07-06 21:29:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Russia could conquer Poland in 5 days

2017-07-06 21:30:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-06 21:31:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

America wouldn't do a damn thing...maybe some more sanctions

2017-07-06 21:32:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

all talk, no action

2017-07-06 21:35:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

America will be fucked in 10 years

2017-07-06 21:35:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

for now

2017-07-06 21:55:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

it's a good thing

2017-07-06 21:58:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

normies spreading kek memes might seem cringy..but it also opened up a lot of minds, that would otherwise still be brainwashed..consider it an expansion if you will

2017-07-06 21:59:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

but the thing with normies, it's more then likely a phase that will be forgotten about in a year or so

2017-07-06 22:06:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Very true, I remember when /pol/ was very pro ron paul...because it was the coolest "trend"

2017-07-06 22:07:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

for awhile..2008-2012

2017-07-06 22:12:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

ha I'm old

2017-07-06 22:15:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

maybe I started looking at 4chan when I was around 16, so about 11 years ago. Mainly just /pol/ now.../b/ use to be pretty amazing

2017-07-06 22:23:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

/pol/ didn't come until like 2010-2011 I believe but not I can't answer that. But /b/ had more raids and such..OP would actually deliver on occasion. Feels like forever ago now haha

2017-07-06 22:31:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

/b/ is garbage now...or maybe I just don't browse enough

2017-07-06 22:55:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

too many trap threads eh?

2017-07-06 22:58:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-06 23:01:10 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-07-06 23:39:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-06 23:42:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-07-06 23:56:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

college kids from america studying abroad, ruining Ireland. How do college kids afford such a trip? I can name 10 I know personally..that did that. Now they're graduated making only 30,000 a year.

2017-07-06 23:59:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

wtf is that good for

2017-07-07 00:00:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

so they can manage a mcdonalds or be a wal mart door greeter?

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