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yo estoy americano

tu hablo ingles?

ok whats up man

are u goys actually venezuelan

or are u just collaborating

with em

ah i see


commiefornia to be precise

im sorry

im gonna be a carpet bagger and move to dicie later tho

top kek

that is if u consider north indians to be aryans

but i doubt u do

and yes finesse is correct as well

@Finesse you a cajun

in that case

je suis americain

comment t'appeles tu

b..but nvmind im not even gonna try

so r u an ethnic cajun

like those og swamp boys

drugs are degenerate

pot maybe once a week

heroin, ecstacy once in a life time

taht too only if u have a will of iron

drugs are for the weal

silly untermensch

hol up niggas

what if this creates a venezuelan refugee crisis

la guerra


if u dont know

venezuealna coup nigga

former head of secret police

is fighting

there will be a refugee crisis

lol whitey is cucked

Nigga I literally already said that

Are they pro Putin

Better question

Are they in Crimea

Ay I'm only fifteen

Do I have to participate in irl shit

If colleges find out what I'm doing

I'm fucked

Well I go to a public school

I'm goin to summer school for health

Cuz I don't wanna take it during the school year

Any objectives fir me massa

Am I vetted

In better terms

How do I get vetted

commies btfo

wassup niggas

have a reverse osmosis filter cuz parents based enough to buy one\

be unaffected by the fluoride

First we shit on the streets, then your privilege goyim

Also y is Israeli American a thing

Isn't Israel a first world country

A lot of em are nurses

Filipinos are like Mexicans

But they get payed higher wages

Cuz they're legal

They make shekels

yall mustve heard of those five canuck military men who got fired

for trying to protect the sanctitiy of the leaf flag

literally takes stwo minutes

think about their careers

their families

im not harassing

im appelaing to your humanity

im not even harassing u

whatchu want some dick?

kek nope

all stars and striper o'er here

alas, im in occupied territory however


save your women first


Winged Hussars 2, Nuclear Bugaloo

>tfw the niggers of europe and some chink-white rape babies will be the saviours of europe

top kek

>implying europeans will get over their "morals"

theyre the new pussies

and pussies get raped

save yourself from further ignominy, come to america

illegal immigratin is down 40 percent

soon to go down further

hol up illl be right back

gotta get lunch


women try to have chilluns way later in life, and thus are mostly unsuccessful

they go for a career, which is 9/10 times some shitty seating arrangement plan for a fashion show

unless shes genuinely samrt and going into stem

she might as well settle down and have chilluns

third and some second

if youre daughter is smart

by all means let her have a career

on the other hand

whos gabe

again, we aint no muzzies


sad af

whitey needs another 30 years war

Is free healthcare morally justifiable

Suppose obongo had not fucked up

And prices didn't go through the roof

Would universal healthcare be good thing



What if my opponent in the debate isn't an ancapistani

More taxes

Y hasn't daddy trump lowered administrative income tax

They take 35% of your ducking salary

*honor killing ensues*

That's actually gay

Very good anecdote

Fucking love u

No homo

Not tryna violet non agrssion prinsupple

Ah another scots Irish

I was told by an Irishman that y'all are inbred

California needs to be nuked

Like plz

Our doctors are forced give children tranny potion by non scientific politicians

Or they get their medical licenses taken

I told my parents to move to Utah after they pay off their house

Not listening

The scientific establishment is being attacked by this neo liberal inquisition

Yet they're fine with kids getting hormones

And spics coming illegally

And assault rifles being bannedp

If u insist

I'm gonna be moving to Texas anyway so idgaf

Oh yeah

I'm from there

We need to secede

We have an actual claim to statehood

Cuz Sacramento taxes us without a representative

But I doubt it'll happen

We have a town here called weed

Our main crop is weed

Estonian mafia exports weed globally

So everyone is pretty rich

I live in southern fringes tho so I don't see much action

You're kind of right about California not going full retard

U can carry any button activated knife without a permit

Like a switchblade

Or a pocket knife

Who's the based black dude

taraing ma coileach

4/5ths of the migrantsa rent even syrian

gtfo with dat bull shit

eurocucks are just that cucks

they go around making fake countries (Pakistan) and not properly decolononzing from others (africa). In turn, these countries turninto shit holes

then they feel that they have a responsibility to take these nibbas in rather than letting them develop

how does it feel that snow niggers are the future of your race

for real

how does it feel, slavs are your futue


varg is pretty retaded

"id rather have my daughter marry a lightskinned roach then a swarthy greek"

>has multiple successful startups yet insists on living off of welfare

and isnt his wife autistic

so how didi they tie the knot

they dont even speak the same language

does his waifu hablo ingles

and lives off of welfare

top kek

in his defencw

frnech is a cancerous language

what if my grandparents are ded

is that his daughter

so does he hate the roman

cuz he thinks they are ayrab

but their europes best pagans

gay as fuck

romans had black hair

there are multiple accounts of romans buying blond wigs from clets

and impliying blond and red were barbaian hair colors

idk tbh

who the romans

germania was a forest

scandinavia a frozen wasteland

varangian guard also had tons of saxons


ironic af

vikings were pagan warriors and strictly infantry, normans were cav and champions of chritianity



it's none of my problem

im not even huwhite

kekity kek

born in murica tho

fmailies been living here for a hella long time to

inb4 poo in loo

u wanna know y india is so fucked up

a one party socialist gov ruled it for 70 years

nationalized everything under the sun

economic liberlaization started in 90s

we were pretty much africa un til then

excpet instead of machetes, we used swords


well the thing is

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