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You can do the math yourself if you want

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the data is available

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Lying to you is in their best interest

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As long as you think everything is fine and dandy they won't have a problem

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wait but then how did you come to the conclusion that the population is going to replaced if you don't believe the data in the first place

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Sorry I live in reality

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Everything is not fine and Mark my words it's all gonna come down

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I'm not going by government data obviously

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then who collected the data?

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Must be some massive organisation that ive never heard of

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What is your source of information then? @Cal

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Some enormous extra-governemnt body that secretly doing statistical analyses and gathering data for some reason

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even though the data already exists

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Trust me though, European leaders do consider these factors more than you think they do. They do recognize and consider demographics.

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But generally most western economies and governemnts are stable and quality of life I believe is at the highest in history in most places so the West is doing pretty good tbf

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LIke one of the big reasons Germnay accepted so many Migrants wasn't humaniterian it was actually precise population managagment. Basically Fertility rates in certain European countries are quite low(This still doesn't mean islam will dominate) and literally in order to avoid negative population change they had to accept migrants. There are a host of reasons you want to avoid a population decrease but the majority of the reasons are economic and the Germans are actually hoping for a smaller decrease in fertility rates among Migrant populations that what is expected because then they would still be likely to undergoe negative population growth.

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Don't get me wrong I acknowledge some of the consequences of these Migrants such as increased crime, higher instances of anti-semitic attacks(a lot more actually) as well as(decreasing but prevalent~) crimes of a sexual nature but unless there is an enormous sudden change in demographics that would have to

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literally be an event the likes of which the world has never seen, I wouldn't worry too much

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I think the most plausible scenario that would trigger a collapse of the west would have something to do with Russia and or China

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but again to say anything of this magnitutde is in any way likely is rediculous

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Yeah i remember watching that German politician talking about the Germans like they were pathetic for not procreating, so then they would bring in migrants that would procreate.

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Also the German leftists actually openly and proudly acknowledge that native Germans will become a minority, and it's a good thing, it has to become a super multicultural environment. It's like they genuinely hate their own people, culture and national identity. 😕

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I like how Japan handles it.
Instead of inviting countless people into their country*, who may or may not assimilate. They'd rather invest in AI to substitute the diminishing blue collar working class( e.i having robots that milk their cows). And Boosting their financial aid to countries in need (one of the countries with the highest spending on foreign aid).

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Yeah but that's what Europeans are prepping for, the industrial revolution of automation, hence why i understand them to be scaling down in population so that future generations don't have a meaningless life, and also to increase their their resources and wealth that way to accommodate the coming industrial revolution.

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It's kinda counter productive then if you're adding people with a different culture and value system to said population.

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It's counter productive even without automation honestly. If people don't share a common understanding of ideals and values, you going to waste more time arguing and fighting than actually being productive, because it will be a constant power struggle.

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Yeah that's the point I was trying to make.

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That kinda reminds me of a certain country tbh

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Lol kry vir jou 😂

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REEEEEE asian privelige<:REE:491738368791543809>

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And yet here I am with an IQ of 120 not feeling resentful over kim ung-yong 😕 i respect him for achieving more than i ever did before adulthood... And i still haven't come close to his achievement at 2 years lol

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With so little achievements compared to him, I guess you can say that, you're *literally nobody*

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we need to send Kim to the gulags, clearly his cognitive ability was gained because someone else was oppressed.

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@Dusk lol a pseudonym i embrace 😎