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2017-01-24 20:51:12 UTC  

*that feel when you blackpill youself writing about the upcoming war

2017-01-24 20:51:25 UTC  

feels bad man

2017-01-24 20:51:38 UTC  

i feel good about any upcoming war

2017-01-24 20:52:02 UTC  

i think we need as much chaos as possible these days so that more people wake the hell up from their delusion that this path is sustainable

2017-01-25 00:55:10 UTC  

Europeans Thrive on war and conflict.

2017-01-25 13:25:43 UTC  

People should be lynched for NOT having a flag, not vice versa.

2017-01-25 13:26:02 UTC  

If white countries don't wake up, I'm honestly going to consider converting to Islam and moving to Iran

2017-01-25 13:26:03 UTC  

for fuck sake

2017-01-25 13:26:11 UTC  

enough with this individualist bullshit

2017-01-25 15:58:13 UTC  

That looks about right.

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2017-01-25 16:34:09 UTC  

its much easier to get behind just the 14 words

2017-01-25 16:55:11 UTC  
2017-01-25 16:55:24 UTC  

That just means reverting back to the 50's

2017-01-25 16:55:37 UTC  

Which is why we're in this mess atm

2017-01-25 16:55:55 UTC  

Whites only liberalism is still degenerate

2017-01-25 17:30:26 UTC  

There should be a clear distinction between 88 = national socialist policies and 88 = pro Hitler

2017-01-25 17:30:31 UTC  

I can do the 1st, can't do the 2nd

2017-01-25 17:43:38 UTC  

You a strasserite?

2017-01-25 17:44:26 UTC  

It doesn't mean necessarily a pro-Hitler stance, as long as it's fascism and not just democracy with segregation

2017-01-25 20:37:45 UTC  

To an extent. I don't take issue with his policies, only with his historical persona. He was an enemy of my people - so I would be rather suicidal to support him.

2017-01-25 20:38:23 UTC  

The implementation of national socialist ideas (or fascist w/e) is another matter. One I can see myself subbing ti.

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2017-01-25 21:04:11 UTC  

I like Hitler, I think he was the greatest leader Europe ever had. Despite everything that happened before, during and after the war.

2017-01-25 21:04:46 UTC  

I'm proud of the only one in my family who fought in the war fought for the right side!

2017-01-25 21:05:23 UTC  

The good side.

2017-01-25 21:05:41 UTC  

All the way to the end in Berlin.

2017-01-25 21:05:54 UTC  

And he wasn't even German.

2017-01-25 21:05:57 UTC  

I can't tell you who was the greatest leader Europe ever head. I'm torn between quite a bit of historical leaders. My family fought of course, against the Nazis (Proud Military Family, with a Military tradition since the Revolution).

2017-01-25 21:06:35 UTC  

But, that doesn't mean you can't respect your enemy.

2017-01-25 21:06:37 UTC  

Hitler was quite a fatalist

2017-01-25 21:06:56 UTC  

His all or nothing thinking completely undermined and ruined the great potential his nation had

2017-01-25 21:07:20 UTC  

Germany could have been a bastion for anti-communist thought that could have filled the world.

2017-01-25 21:08:16 UTC  

Well if it's true that he only took back the German parts of Poland where genocide on Germans was taking place, it's a really sad story. But really I don't know what really happened.

2017-01-25 21:08:56 UTC  

Germany should have pulled a Crimea XD

2017-01-25 21:08:58 UTC  

Germany? You had fascist governments in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia

2017-01-25 21:09:15 UTC  

German Separatists! Polish 'Atrocities' somehow the Seperatists get tanks!

2017-01-25 21:09:30 UTC  

Haha how do you pull a Crimea @Bloodborn ?

2017-01-25 21:09:33 UTC  

And fascist parties were growing in UK, Yugoslavia and elsewhere