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Has anybody seen Prince Alawalalaweed and Jack Posobiec in the same room??

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Can we get a Chan for Islam/CAIR

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Meme Report: As per request we not have (not a racist)( not Stalin) channels in current events. These are hot topics on top of Las Vegas and Fake News Vs Real News.

2018-01-15 11:49:45 UTC  

Just my opinion, but I think this is very good advice.

2018-01-15 12:07:33 UTC  

Need to work on “Isis in Life Support”

2018-01-15 12:08:54 UTC  

@SilverFox agreed. We aren’t trying to divide there is enough of that. We just want to convey truth. It may sting.

2018-01-15 13:06:36 UTC  

the truth will divide by the fact of being the truth. The greater point is to not make needless distinctions and let those who desire the deception over the truth to be exposed as part of the problem

2018-01-15 13:12:55 UTC  

Can someone do a "1 in 4 Swedish Woman will be raped by a migrant" meme? I'm not memworthy 😒

2018-01-15 13:16:51 UTC  

^Note^ this is a meme “dump” or “cabinet” not all these meme will be used in the event. Just need a place for people to store everything and others to access.

2018-01-15 13:19:45 UTC  

@PackagingDepartment sorry at work..

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People might start worrying about cheerleaders haha

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Hahaha the brunette kinda sticks out.. feel bad for her.. lmao

2018-01-15 13:26:03 UTC  

ahhh you'd comfort her im sure! I'll try and get a few together also with my limited gimp expertise

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im seeing them all over twitter already, its great 😄

2018-01-15 13:29:10 UTC  

Its a crazy statistic still trying to wrap head around

2018-01-15 13:39:29 UTC  

I use gimp and a couple meme apps on my phone..

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No bueno?

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Some of these things don't even need editing 😂

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Damn twitter trending only there topics..

2018-01-15 13:55:46 UTC  

for all to see!

2018-01-15 14:00:14 UTC

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They will not be allowed to censor us anymore via the twatter.. big things happening in lu of the event

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Bye bye @Jack

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Welcome homie!

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