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2018-01-15 02:53:29 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

Can we get a Chan for Islam/CAIR

2018-01-15 02:57:46 UTC [Meme Warfare #clinton-foundation]

2018-01-15 03:14:02 UTC [Meme Warfare #potpourri-random]

2018-01-15 03:29:29 UTC [Meme Warfare #bill-hillary-clinton]

2018-01-15 04:57:59 UTC [Meme Warfare #islam_cair]

2018-01-17 19:11:06 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

you folks rock!! ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-01-19 18:27:56 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

the limit is like 300 tweets or something, I forget, I used to get that lockout all the time.

2018-01-19 18:28:12 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

( over 500K tweets sent on the one account )

2018-01-19 18:28:17 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

before they closed it.

2018-01-19 18:29:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #meme-batter]  

its normally only an hour lock

2018-01-31 04:54:14 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

How about the tag #luvMyPresident @POTUS @realdonaldtrump ?

2018-01-31 18:10:38 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

did you guys reorganize this server? looks good.

2018-02-01 01:23:39 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Lou Dobbs "The FBI where truth goes to die"

2018-02-01 05:34:36 UTC [Meme Warfare #bad-actors]

2018-02-10 01:22:28 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

isn't that the memo that pelosi wrote?

2018-02-14 19:13:13 UTC [Meme Warfare #potpourri-random]  

Cute one for the holiday

2018-02-14 19:59:40 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Any Fight Worth Fighting, Is Worth Fighting Dirty.

2018-02-14 19:59:59 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

( old man t-shirt )

2018-03-31 04:01:59 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

those on twitter following potus/realDT account, might want to check them, twitter had 'muted' @ realdonaldtrump today in my datastream.

2018-03-31 04:02:27 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

New Mute button next to the follow button now.

2018-04-10 14:56:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

I think this person needs a beatdown:

2018-05-10 00:11:16 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

They are asking for help to get this message out:

2018-08-11 15:40:56 UTC [Hippocampus88 #welcome]  

2018-12-09 18:31:05 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;playlist list

2018-12-09 18:31:30 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;playlist play ClassicRock1

2018-12-09 18:31:55 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;play classicRock1

2018-12-09 18:33:05 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2018-12-10 16:08:45 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2018-12-10 16:09:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;emoji <a:vMad:513174967987339265>

2018-12-10 16:09:34 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

so, the command is emoji

2018-12-10 16:10:08 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

I haven't tried using that in a cc yet.. you might and play with it.

2018-12-10 16:11:21 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

you have to use a currently available emoji

2018-12-10 16:11:50 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

kk, ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-12-10 16:12:01 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

let me know the results of your cc.

2018-12-10 16:12:05 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;cc list

2018-12-10 16:12:32 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

Oh, I like the fire one, mind if I use that?

2018-12-10 16:12:46 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2018-12-10 16:13:03 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;emoji <a:Fire:513336942172307461>

2018-12-10 16:16:02 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

yep, I'm PacNorWest and my monday's just starting. busy day.

2018-12-10 16:16:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  


2018-12-10 16:16:19 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2018-12-10 16:16:27 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2018-12-10 16:16:43 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

damn, hope my day doesn't go like that. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-12-10 16:22:09 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  
2018-12-10 16:22:18 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

you can embed your retrigger into a CC

2018-12-10 16:22:36 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;retrigger list

2018-12-10 16:22:58 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

;cc create simple Cooooffee Good Morning Folks, Its a brand new day <a:whiterabbit:514541165404618767>

2018-12-10 16:23:13 UTC [In2theLight #chat-text-only]  

copy that command and run it, you'll see what I mean

Hello ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

```Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.``` Mathew 15:11 KJB

^^ one of the verses that has weighed heavily on me for many years..

2020-03-22 19:37:20 UTC [The Donald #off-topic]  

```And just like that, our World has changed.

Now more than ever those of us that support President Donald Trump need to stick together and stick with our President. We are stronger together.

That's why at Noon Eastern Standard Time we are having a Virtual Rally for all Trump Supporters. Join us on on the MAGA Chat Direct Messaging section to share your thoughts on the current state of affairs and how we can together get through this Chinese Virus and all the problems it's creating for our Country.

12:00 (Noon) EST, Monday March 23, Virtual Trump Supporters' Rally

If you can't make it then, leave your message of support on the homepage of

Thank you

William Hammer

Unite, Organize and Reclaim Our Country

P.S. Please share this with 5 Patriots.

P.P.S. Here's a link to our latest TrumpChat how-to video: ```

Just got that in my mail, haven't even checked out the site yet, supposed to be virtual ralley or something

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