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2018-09-28 15:28:12 UTC  

It's not either or

2018-09-28 15:28:31 UTC  

Exactly which is why Kavanaugh would have a very hard time suing her for defamation.

2018-09-28 15:28:47 UTC  

He can't prove she's lying.

2018-09-28 15:28:54 UTC  

Her claim that she was victimized and Kavanaugh's claim that he is innocent can both simultaneously be true

2018-09-28 15:29:15 UTC  

She can also wholeheartedly believe it was him, and that could be false

2018-09-28 15:29:25 UTC  

Which means she isn't lying

2018-09-28 15:32:34 UTC  

It's Hanlons razor

2018-09-28 15:32:53 UTC  

And occom's razor

2018-09-28 15:33:08 UTC  

Dual wielded.

2018-09-28 15:33:49 UTC  

There's also the possibility he has forgotten.

2018-09-28 15:33:58 UTC  

Presume she's wrong first. If there's no explaining it that way, you can begin to presume she's lying

2018-09-28 15:34:13 UTC  

Also possible.

2018-09-28 15:34:48 UTC  

To her, it could be the day he took everything from her. To him, it was Thursday.

2018-09-28 15:37:40 UTC for anyone who doesn't get the reference

2018-09-28 15:48:17 UTC  

There is no proof for either side, if it did happen and was tried when it happened, it would have been in a sealed record. And if this was a character flaw and not an example of a teen who had yet to figure out his alcohol limit, there would be more accusations that sound credible.

2018-09-28 15:59:24 UTC  

And not over a hundred people standing with Kavanaugh, signing their names to letters.

2018-09-28 15:59:56 UTC  

The evidence for claims against Kav was in Kav's favor.

2018-09-28 16:22:35 UTC  

But dont forget tim “give more credit to fords allegation”

2018-09-28 16:22:48 UTC  

Because she has “nothing to gain”

2018-09-28 16:23:06 UTC  

Exempt 500k+

2018-09-28 16:23:35 UTC  

No book deal or hbo show yet either

2018-09-28 16:23:57 UTC  

Like they gave that bitch who accused Clarence thomas

2018-09-28 16:24:47 UTC  

"exempt 500k+ and her party delaying the vote until after they might have more power"

2018-09-28 16:25:16 UTC  

@Timcast i feel like sometimes you are right on but damn when you miss you just turn around from the target and shot in the other direction

2018-09-28 16:37:39 UTC  

She didn't set the gofundme things up.

2018-09-28 17:25:39 UTC  

you cant claim ford is guna make moeny when other ppl set up gofundmes

2018-09-28 17:25:55 UTC  

zealotry is the most likely reason

2018-09-28 17:25:59 UTC  

but i think she is just confused

2018-09-28 17:26:02 UTC  

plain and simple

2018-09-28 17:34:31 UTC  

this whole Kav vs Ford thing is modern witch hunt... though maybe sorcerer hunt would be more appropriate name.

2018-09-28 17:34:57 UTC  

"Warlock Hunt"

2018-09-28 17:35:29 UTC  

@grant I was referring to people's dismissal of her as a liar. I didn't mean her claims = proof.

2018-09-28 19:33:54 UTC  

I think we can't assume more without evidence.

2018-09-28 19:49:29 UTC  

I think we cant assume anything without evidence

2018-09-28 20:22:09 UTC  

Unfortunately some people can

2018-09-28 20:23:24 UTC  

"Title IX courts are just on campus. Once people go to the real world they'll learn."

2018-09-28 20:55:01 UTC  

"I don't think the significant increase in divide between Americans started with Trump's election." Change my mind.

2018-09-28 20:55:10 UTC  

I honestly don't think the recent SIGNIFICANT DIVIDE started with Trump's election. While Trump certainly isn't helping the divide, I believe he is merely a symptom of the problem and not the cause. I believe the Left itself has changed & this change is connected to the media. The divide became noticeably bad around 2010s with the rise of Alt-media, like Buzzfeed, that pushed a different kind of liberalism. Anyone who lives in Southern California, where all this Alt-media resides, knows they hold a different kind of liberalism when compared to the old-school liberalism that used to reside in places, like New York, where the old media used to reside. You can see it in the Identity Politics that are being pushed by these Alt-media companies. It's a more revolutionary liberalism where you see yourself "fighting oppression" rather than lifting others up by reaching out with a compassionate hand. Now don't get me wrong, each side has been drifting away from the center thus contributing to the problem but I think the Leftwing overall bears a lot more responsibility for the divide than they're willing to least currently.

2018-09-28 20:55:23 UTC  

Again, Trump is not helping the situation & I wish he would stop being such an @sshole sometimes but I can't ignore the division the Left's identity politics have caused, unlike so many people in the mainstream media do. It's quite clear the Left is lurching closer & closer to the extreme as shown by PEW Research, who is extremely trustworthy btw. You can also see this with the rise of DSA, who literally chant "No borders, No walls, No USA at all." There is even a growing distain for having simple conversations on the Left even with people who are moderate. I myself hold liberal views (Ex. Pro-choice, Pro-LGBT, Pro-weed, Pro-social programs) as well as a few Conservative viewpoints (Ex. Pro-gun) but I can't even have a conversation with most members of the modern left anymore. It's scary. I didn't even vote for Trump and I don't think I will but to them I'm somehow still a far-right Nazi. Basically what I'm saying is I think the significant rise in division is coming from the fact Left's new ideological base resides in California, which has a radical different set of principles, than that of the old school, working class Left that dominated New York.

2018-09-28 20:57:52 UTC  

I personally put the entire blame on the schools and academic left.