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From what little I know seems like a sort of South Africa situation but saw someone say they were communist

2019-03-28 01:14:01 UTC  

Rhodesia was a British colony in modern Zimbabwe that declared independence when they were left to rot by the Brits, and fought the Bush War against two communist insurgency groups: one Stalinist supported by the USSR, the other Maoist supported by China.

2019-03-28 01:14:44 UTC  

Ah damn, reminds me of the Falklands a bit though the British came back to retaliate

2019-03-28 01:17:54 UTC  

It was criticized as a white ethnostate of white minority rule

2019-03-28 01:18:03 UTC  

However, half their army was black.

2019-03-28 01:21:41 UTC  

There's a fuckin degenerate glorious retard in here who believes Africa is a shithole because of white colonialism

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@Kittys you're an idiot AND you're not getting $1000 fucker

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Like the reverse of Little Boots

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Whoever thinks africa is a shithole because of colonization is literally retarded. Before colonization you could count the instances of civilizations there on one hand. We had to literally build and divide up their countries for them, and as soon as europeans were gone they just ate the livestock and scrapped anything they could for metal.

2019-03-28 22:59:57 UTC  

Zulu, Kenya, Mali and Egypt are the only ones that come to mind

2019-03-28 23:00:25 UTC  

and Zulu controlled land. didn't have much infrastructure

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Basically their civilizations were based on "I'll kill you and rape your kids if you don't obey me"

2019-03-29 04:50:14 UTC  

European civilizations have always been built on something greater than that

2019-03-29 04:50:28 UTC  

Laws, principles, and especially gods

2019-03-30 21:11:02 UTC  

@Kittys Africa is a shithole because of its own failure not because of colonialism

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Anyone have the video of the dindu who said he gonna ride with Trump. Believe he was toting a ak or similar

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We wuz covered in piss

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We wuz millionares n shiet

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@Deleted User there's plenty of black people and latinos and asians in the series wtf

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@Deleted User It’s just pure leftist ignorance

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Gotta score the virtue points

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superman is a fucking alien he can be fucking purple if he wanted to be

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I have noticed Vice and Salon have been always question why there are no black lead stars in movies

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The Guardian asked why aren't there black people in Game Of Thrones the other day