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2020-12-30 21:59:25 UTC [Kiel Kanal Politics #lobby]  


If a society were to abolish the state in a world where other societies have states, the other states would inevitably exploit if not conquor them outright.

I was just killing the joke with your shitpost

I just have a bad sense of humor, i like to kill jokes

I don't think material wealth is worthwhile, when you are rich in actual wealth material wealth comes later.

I wouldn't say "advanced" just the most current formation of bioleninism

I remember a video I liked by a marxist called Bad Empanada. He basically was calling out all the Marxists who were nothing but apologists for American enemies( NK, Iran, Venezuela)

I don't know who are weirder, theorists marxists, or the subvert at any cost marxists

They are a weird group, who aren't leninist marxists, but soley read marx religiously and try to interpret his letters into modern everyday life.

I think it was this one

As for the marxist theorist channel I can't remember, except it was a teenage looking guy except you could tell he was in his 20's

I didn't claim you were

I was just giving a response to the DPRK post

It took me awhile to realize that was mumkey jones

He was a cool guy, but had a major falling out

when he cheated on his gf with a furry pedophile

It was a woman

who eventually left him for a 15 year old she was grooming

She was a cub porn artist

That is a summary of his story

watch the video

my man Jersh has the hook up

I don't think Josh is a pedo

Man you shouldn't just be throwing around that accusation

I called the furry pedo a pedo literally because she fucked underage boys and said how she is sexually attracted to them

Esoteric is the only role of value there

Nah pedophiles should be eliminated, not labeled

from the server

Marxists have such a weird take. They act exactly as if Marxism was a religion without concrete tenats. It is a lot like paganism like that.

"Of course this goes completely against what Marx and the Marxists of the early 20th century said. It is not like it is compulsive."

Immutable principles that define its foundation or its outer limits

for example a theist has to believe in God/Gods

It is a tug of war between bioleninists and traditional marxists

well traditional in terms of leninism/stalinism/anticolonialist maoism

The workers must seize the means of production by killing the capitalists, there is nothing that matters other than material conditions, history is dialectic materialism

that is trad marxist stuff

Why? I think he is completely right in his assessment of bioleninism as a kind of force of nature that nessesarily always exists

A writer.

Modern bioleninists say things like "I don't care if there are markets or not, our priority should be decolonizing people's thoughts, frameworks, and hirearchy"

I don't think it is a small chunk, nobody would identify as a bioleninist

I think it is more of a catagory of condition, rather then a conscious framework

In practice is means get rid of white culture. This was put out by the smithsonian denouncing these things

>show up on time for work


Yea because of the backlash

it is not like they did a 180 and started throwing roman salutes

you just gotta be tactical

or be verified

There is so much sweat poured out at twitter because they can't ban trump

they literally said if he wasn't president they would have banned him

Imagine feeling the power to control what people think then one guy who you think is a retard can sit there and say whatever he likes and you can't do anything about it

Would be like being God and finding a single object in the universe you can't affect. Would consume your mind.

I am not banned on twitter, and neither is the admin

it is bioleninist programing, they think that anything that upholds hirearchy must be the worst thing they have been told to exist

Which is how you have retards calling Rush Limbaugh, Ben Carson, Ron Paul, and Xi fascists

I can get where they come from though

anyone who wants to maintain democracy or republicanism imo is a liberal

Paleocons are the furthest left and still be right imo

ofc he is, but he is not exactly reading up on Mussolini or Moesly

I am not NRX, don't like Moldbug

It is just my opinion if you had the option to eliminate voting by individual civic citizens and you would decide to keep it, you are some form of liberal/leftist


Yea but then votes are by a landed elite, it is not 1 citizen=1 vote

I would abolish civic citizenship too

but practically in America, I don't think you could eliminate democracy entirely. I would probably advocate limiting 1 vote per 1 family unit (Husband, wife, 3+ kids)

He is saying that migrants would purposely breed with natives to get their kids free acceptance in society

But that is why you build a wall and make mexico pay for it

Who ever you are, if you are Pakistan too, just when you build the wall with india send the bill to mexico

>democratic work places

@Daemon Knight That is just bioleninism

you have control by a pyriamid hirearchy based on a ratio of seniority(time with the job) and ability(manifest skill in field)

You don't need the people who haul boxes voting on how much the steel should cost in your bulk export deal with Germany

Tariffs are back in style

Also a democratic work place would fall apart as much as a democratic government, they would vote for more gibs, less hours, higher pay, and more control to charismatic sociopaths


Oh god... a democratic workplace where everyone is paid off comission, is this like an ancap dystopia?

But common guy doesn't understand let alone care about shares or stocks

Yea but 85 monkey brain man who pushes boxes from the green zone to the blue zone for 12 hours a day, when you tell him he is no longer getting Jordans for Christmas but a 2.5% increase in his share value for Christmas bonus he is going to chimp out.


Small businesses are great. But all the dregs of society need to have somewhere to go. Either you kill them in a caricature of us style or you give them a chance that they think is fair and will occupy them

I prefer to occupy them

and those places are mines, factories, and fastfood

I have had that thought a few times in the car

thinking that it is either genius or I am just not seeing the retarded flaw

But if there was only one nationalized bank and it used fractional reserve to invest and gain interest instead of taxes

again I think it is either brilliant or retarded

HOLY SHIT Is that actually @Ofvo !?

No we literally kicked you from our server

Didn't you send a dick pic to a 15 year old and that was the final nail?

One sec let me check

I know we kicked you let me check

None of us remember

But yea we made an emote about you because of your skitzoposting

Ok I have been corrected

They said it wasn't you Ofvo who sent the dick pic

sorry for misremembering

I appologize

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