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2018-12-08 21:39:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

>I'd honestly like to know why a Sunni Muslim is in the right leaning or right-wing server.
Submitting to Allah is the most right wing thing you can do, kuffar.

2018-12-08 21:55:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

aren't they already doing that?

2018-12-08 21:58:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-08 22:18:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-08 22:18:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-08 22:48:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I've btfod a libtard today, my ancestors will be proud of me

2018-12-08 22:48:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-08 22:52:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

suck mine please

2018-12-08 22:52:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

i want someone to touch my peepee

2018-12-08 22:52:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

shut up slavic untermensch

2018-12-08 22:56:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-08 23:03:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-08 23:03:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-08 23:04:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-08 23:04:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

i'll call your mom gay, and there's nothing you can do to stop me

2018-12-08 23:08:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

@Fingol stop pinging m8

2018-12-08 23:09:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

😏 say the faggot

2018-12-08 23:40:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

don't care nerd

2018-12-09 02:45:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-09 17:13:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Endogamy is based
Exogamy is cringe

2018-12-09 17:16:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Varna and Jati are πŸ‘Œ
Individualism and Nuclear family are πŸ˜‚

2018-12-09 17:17:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I violently btfo'd one of the untermensch slavic mod

2018-12-09 17:18:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

he was butthurt as fuck

2018-12-09 23:03:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Total as long as you are the government

2018-12-10 18:57:02 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

triggering the libs epic style

2018-12-13 00:14:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

libtard btfo

2018-12-13 00:15:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

yeah, but the snowman

2018-12-13 00:16:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

venezuala isn't true centrally planned economy because they don't have snow

2018-12-13 00:16:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

state enforced abortion to non-white

2018-12-13 00:17:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

very based

2018-12-13 00:18:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

did you read paganism explained by Varg?

2018-12-13 00:19:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

it's very redpilled

2018-12-13 00:19:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

and epic

2018-12-13 00:19:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-13 00:20:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Lightning and the Sun is a pretty fun book, it's very larpy, and has no real world application beside online shitposting

2018-12-13 00:20:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

comfy Yule book reading

2018-12-13 00:21:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Nato is a customers club for the US military industrial complex, that is its only purpose

2018-12-13 00:23:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-13 00:25:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Venezuela is going to be a big money hole for Russia, it's mostly for show

2018-12-13 13:48:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

when the west made a pact with Mephistopheles

2018-12-15 19:44:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the hell is euroweek?

2018-12-15 19:45:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-15 19:45:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

which jewish american state funded ngo is organising this?

2018-12-15 19:45:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-15 19:45:54 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-15 19:46:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

make me wish for civilisational collapse more and more

2018-12-15 19:46:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

back to the stone age with Varg

2018-12-15 19:46:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

based and redpilled

2018-12-15 19:48:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

there it is

2018-12-15 19:49:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I knew jews were somehow involved in this

2018-12-15 20:10:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

>grown viril men ploughing young virginal slavic girls
I guess the slavic part might be a little gay

2018-12-15 23:05:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Internet is good insofar as it can allow a greater abilities of coordination (and so power) and spread of ideas/information to be applied for the destruction of the techno-industrial system. Otherwise it's a cesspool where the worst of mankind can fester outside of the historical normal technics of social control, a cudgel to destroy humanity, and a more efficient tool to further the financialisation of the real economy by creating more ''money'' than the actual energy output and indirectly impoverishing and brutalise the people who live outside the financial and information economy.

2018-12-15 23:53:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-16 02:03:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

*wakes you up*

2018-12-17 00:15:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  



2018-12-17 00:16:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-17 00:16:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-17 00:17:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

no u

2018-12-18 15:20:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the Ashkenazi

2018-12-20 14:23:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

lol, what a retarded question

2018-12-20 23:11:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

*block your path*


2018-12-20 23:38:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-21 02:50:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-21 02:50:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

>going to Morocco

2018-12-21 02:50:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

>as unaccompanied women

2018-12-21 02:50:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

>expecting anything else

2018-12-21 02:57:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-21 13:38:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-21 13:50:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-21 13:50:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

he should just send the army to build it tbh

2018-12-21 13:53:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

sending the army would have the advantage of it being a direct military order from the president, and lose less time on bullshit that happen in every public construction project, he could always ask private company later for improved and more permanent construction

2018-12-21 13:57:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

send the teachers to the ricefield for reeducation tbh

2018-12-21 13:58:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

oof, that 56% face

2018-12-21 13:59:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

all the teachers need is two bullets in the skull

2018-12-23 22:19:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Democracy is just like communism, it was never tried

2018-12-23 22:19:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

and that's a good thing

2018-12-23 22:30:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

they're triggered because it's how they compete for status

2018-12-23 22:30:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

not being triggered by drumpf is a sign of low status among them

2018-12-23 22:30:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

what he does or doesn't do, don't matter

2018-12-23 22:32:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

well, you wouldn't be an empire if you didn't do it

2018-12-23 22:34:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

isn't there also military activity in sub-saharan africa?

2018-12-23 22:35:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

if I recall you're engaged in Mali with the French against Boko Haram

2018-12-23 22:35:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

or was it Niger?

2018-12-23 22:37:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

well, North Africa is generally speaking north of the Sahara (Maghreb, Libya and Egypt)

2018-12-23 22:52:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

there are no two side in American politics, there is the Inner Party, and the Outer Party to give a semblance of conflict

2018-12-24 17:19:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-24 17:20:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-12-26 14:35:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-12-26 14:36:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

stop pretending to be white

2018-12-27 00:09:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

culture is the driving force of economy
culture is a set of social technics for the purpose of extraction/exchange/distribution/transfer of energy among participants of a semi-closed system, based on cosmological/religious assumptions, enabling non-zero sum and non-violent competition and cooperation (with more or less success)

2018-12-27 21:44:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

@οΌ©οΌΆ οΌ¬οΌ© οΌΆ οΌ³ care to reformulate? t.ESL
Technic and social technic precede economy growth. Without culture there is no economy, as culture is the actions of humans individually and collectively. It's all very tautological, or I may have very weird definition.

The center of all this activity is calory, or energy, without it there is no motion, no life, no existence, no reality.

2018-12-27 22:02:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

lmao fatty, your body has a limited amount of calories it can take before breaking completely

2018-12-27 22:09:38 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

>how there is a minimum surplus of wealth required to make any given technological or social advancement
If there is no surplus, you stay at subsitence level, so obviously you need more for any advancement, and yes you're right, it's a feed back loop. Surplus can create new activity, as do technic. Though surplus in itself doesn't create new technics, it is merely surplus, which can be used or wasted. Technic in other hand can be created with no surplus, or very little surplus (until very recently, as productive innovation has gotten more and more expansive) and generate it's own surplus.

2018-12-27 22:19:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

>My assertion was that advancement and growth feed off each other and move each other forward
it does until you reach the energy limit of your system, and then it crash

2018-12-27 22:24:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

collapse? it's forever

2018-12-27 22:25:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

unless you find the magic formula to prevent society from devouring itself once it reached it's limit

2018-12-28 02:18:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

right now it's retarded

2018-12-28 02:18:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

you'll hand the justification for getting beaten to a pulp by antifa and the cops

2018-12-28 02:21:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the cerberus brigade is in power, not you, it would be EPIC though @mondobizarrro

2018-12-28 03:01:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I propose obrital kinetic bombardment on western academia, major stock exchange, important center of administration, and Silicon Valley, it workerd last time on Sodom

2018-12-28 19:55:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

stop being black

2018-12-28 19:56:14 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

same thing amerimutt

2019-01-02 03:41:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2019-01-02 03:42:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2019-01-02 03:56:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

whatever mutt

2019-01-02 03:56:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

if you're not 100% you're not human

2019-01-02 19:16:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-01-03 18:12:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

what happened?


2019-01-03 18:16:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I'm thinking of immigration. Scots and Irish moving to great industrial centers, or moving to the US.

2019-01-04 18:11:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

fulltime shitposter

2019-01-04 19:22:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

>implying america cares about the lives of american

2019-01-04 19:22:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

your empire is the weirdest empire the sun has ever shine upon

2019-01-04 19:23:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

even the Aztec or the Carthaginian with all their human sacrifice were less evil

2019-01-04 19:24:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

nope I'm serious

2019-01-04 19:26:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

if america really cared about its citizen you'll already have your wall funded 10 times by now

2019-01-04 19:27:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

>Or perhaps teachers don’t get payed much and naturally lean left
The education system filter people to fit in their value system, which is leftism, and the administration police any non-leftist who manage to go through.

2019-01-05 02:09:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

America can grant every rights they want to its citizens, doesn't mean that they care about them either

2019-01-05 02:11:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

starting with not trying to attempt an ethnic replacement of the historic population

2019-01-05 02:11:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the result is the same

2019-01-05 02:13:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

win what? Power only cares about power

2019-01-05 02:13:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I'd probably do the same

2019-01-05 02:13:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

just to fuck with whities

2019-01-05 02:15:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I don't get it, I should be here only if there is a country who care more about what? their people? power? that doesn't make sense, and that has nothing to do with why I should, or shouldn't be here

2019-01-05 02:17:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

did I said that the US is worse than everyone? can't remember, though I do consider the American continent to be the most revulse continent in existence, and utterly demonic

2019-01-05 02:19:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

haha, the American empire does function in a very strange way, part of it come from the democratic mythos

2019-01-05 02:20:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

don't hate american either, american aren't the empire

2019-01-07 00:53:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

it's useful for chemistry and cooking

Exterminate all homosexuals and fascism will vanish.


don't ever ping me again nigger

@Eris go choke on a dick, you and your trannycord

rights are spooks

Ping me again and i'll piss in your mouth

tf no pixie art hoe gf


U R Gay

based tbh


fucking bigot

just suck the feminine penis

most lesbians actually like dicks

so there's no excuse

mandatory identification is based

makes my job easier

what's the ethymogy?

stfu n

i haven't watched much kinos

beside 50s black and white french film

all cultural reference fly over my head

I trust your word

if you lied to me i'll have to kill you

>fuckin mormons
more like the mormons in the cia are going to fuck you a new hole

if you're thinking about fighting off any sort of gov, organisation capacity is far more important than any sort of guns

guns are one of the easiest stuff to get, heck if you're advanced enough you could even get your hands on atgm or even ballistic missile and the means and tech to produce them

good organisation, trust, loyalty, punishment against defection and betrayal are far more difficult and essential for any actions

hopefully they will provide enough cummies and alienate you so much that you'll be unable to achieve anything

then you'll achieve nothing ever

the Bolsheviks and other groups got infiltrated and ratted out plenty of time

i wasn't thinking about armed violence exclusively but all aspect of life

such as nepotism or insider trading

and as much as i like teddy he was an autist and could have accomplished more if he wasn't socially impaired and had a 20 years long joker moment

well not 100% sure when zerzan, linkola, greer, or orlov don't have much widespread impact

it's not like "lmao just collapse now to avoid an even worse Great Filter later" is ever going to be popular or people with power are ever going to listen to you

guess bombing stuff was his only option after all

you're a woman when you eat red rice to celebrate your first menstruation

legalists should be hanged in the street

there's a wide range depending on genetics and nutrition

it's generally around 12-14 with outliers

9 is an outliers outside of certain groups

but other than that yeah

tbf most of the time those groups are founded and operated by feds themselves

weren't the feds in trouble because the kkk was unable to function without the help of the federal gov money and expertise?



Submit to Allah

and kill the white farmers

you'll notice that life get better after that


based as fuck

Africa will unite under the flag of the prophet

it's the duty of all muslims to become a ghazi and aswer the call of jihad

lol who cares about civilisation when you have Allah

tanks do poorly in Africa, what you want are paratroopers

lol hk economy was only good because it was the only doorway China could make any trade with the rest of the world

once it was incorporated with China and the reform it became irrelevant


why so angry?

also, you should try peer academy if you're interested in serious discussions

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