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2018-03-06 12:36:10 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

Commies and conservatives tied now

I caught the commies back up



The anarchists are just being pragmatic

If you are serious about your team the second time its probably fine


You can vote there rn

2018-06-03 04:32:33 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]

2018-06-03 04:32:34 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  


2018-06-03 05:11:13 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

*please* stop the fascists

2018-06-03 05:11:52 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Fascists try to fix the errors that capitalism cant solve on its own

2018-06-03 05:12:03 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Profit is directionless relative to national interest

2018-06-03 05:12:54 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Yeah well we beat you with our free market space program

2018-06-03 05:12:57 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

To the moon

2018-06-03 05:13:32 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Our decentralized and privately owned space program made it to the moon first though

2018-06-03 05:14:08 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

I was being sarcastic

2018-06-03 05:15:16 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

USA making it to the moon only supports socialism tbh

2018-06-03 05:17:07 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Nah obviously centralization has its benefits

2018-06-03 05:17:22 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Central planning and taxation

Race can be relevant to those analysis

You just reject its importance

Why are you giving them that idea alex



If we lose the strong fascist party though we lose the ideological extremity

The dominant party would be looser

Because its cooler and higher iq

Compromise doesnt always bring failure but we already dominate here


Read Siege

Not marx


Its not unironic


Stop larping eurasianism dugin

The pan nationalism meme over fascism

No i know what it is


Nazbol gang

Those damn fallacies


He isnt a TRUE intellectual

Is he a *pseudo* intellectual at least

Nazbol gang

Stalin wuz a good boi

Call them liberals

Whiter than you muhammad

Neocons are trotskyites

Afro nazbol gang

Is a thing

Afro nazbol gang

The future sarge wants

2018-06-03 07:53:51 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Its about the proportions

2018-06-03 07:53:59 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

The very large proportions

2018-06-03 07:54:01 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Of influencd

2018-06-03 07:55:47 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Trump is a naive boomer

2018-06-03 07:56:23 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

They dont even need to support Israel to be an issue

2018-06-03 07:56:58 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Jews are responsible for a large progressive shift. The entire ruling class isnt necessarily problematic

2018-06-03 07:58:08 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Without the jews our elites would be mostly on our side

2018-06-03 07:58:49 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  


2018-06-03 07:59:58 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

I think im fairly extreme i dont see what the issue is

2018-06-03 08:00:57 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Why is that a problem

2018-06-03 08:03:43 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Its not like theyll be your government

2018-06-03 08:03:44 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  


2018-06-03 08:03:49 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Prove that

2018-06-03 08:03:55 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Prove that they endorse happas

2018-06-03 08:04:13 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

All ive seen is a screenshot from a TRS post that ANYONE couldve written on that

2018-06-03 08:04:50 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

The guys at the top are pretty fashy

2018-06-03 08:05:19 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Theres utility in appealing to cons and libertarians

2018-06-03 08:05:29 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Spencer is an imperialist

2018-06-03 08:05:50 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Okay sperg

2018-06-03 08:06:05 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Youre going to die on principle for what

2018-06-03 08:06:52 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Pipelines have utility and our ideas are the natural state of what people believe

2018-06-03 08:07:22 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

People realized you cant have libertarian societies with nonwhites

2018-06-03 08:07:37 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

The autism spectrum

2018-06-03 08:08:09 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

People arent born sieg heiling chronik

2018-06-03 08:08:15 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

They are born with that tendency

2018-06-03 08:08:18 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

But not that idea

2018-06-03 08:08:58 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Yes and the entire point of having pipelines is to appeal to the youth

2018-06-03 08:09:05 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

And the reasonable

2018-06-03 08:09:47 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Dont North Koreans think theyre the superior race

2018-06-03 08:11:10 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

People shared food = communism is true

Ribbentrop Molotov pact is Nazbol

2018-06-03 08:24:04 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

Fascist party is gang weed

Jesus opposed jewish oppression

And the jews forced the romans to kill him

Or they would cause issues


Jesus was like Hitler

Who rose up against kikes

Also he was the son of god he doesnt have to be a jew

Im not being literal

Didnt pagans practice fag shit

I dont get why youre so uppity about this

Not anime

I actually think anime is hella spergy

I dont think its necessarily bad to have a naive base


Like a large naive base that creates your own advocacy for the extremists at the top

You need white nationalists in every political party if you want good pipelines

@Aemon tbf

The tweet had context


I hunt coons




Gay bar?


Why do all these commies have long bants


Hes a goat fucker of course


Whomst the fuck

Says whom

Why is a communist spiraling about degeneracy

Tldr he has gay sex

Stop trying to cover for these spergy long bants



Women are queens

I dont cry i pull the trigger

On the nigger

Ive shot animals before

What is the difference with a nigger

Yes nigs are an animal why can i not shoot that one

Youre missing the point of why i said that

If i can shoot an animal there is no difference between that and a coon

Its really not edgy

I turned myself into a nigger morty

Not surprised

It sounded like something you would actually say










O schitt

Thats pretty intellectual

Man that punctuation

Are you trying to tell us youre gay

I didnt read


Uhh tbf

Hes an ethnic imperialist

LYNCH homosexuals


Join fascist

Monarchism is out of date

Or too small


By the way not all races have a continuum like colors do

Not all

Like africans and non africans

They have very recent mixing but that relationship itself is highly bimodal

Africans and non africans are

This is what a pca is like

When you group races

You can easily go in further and find places to draw more lines

Like thie


Shit oops

You can go deeper and deeper

To the individual if you wanted

And make very clear distinctions between groups

You can and self identified race matches with genetic race anyways

To an extreme accuracy

Okay but with traditionally recognized races we still get a pretty good amount of genetic variation covered

Whats the point of that

This isnt hard

Easily definable

Okay and what

I know he did that

We dont need to include them

I already showed a genetic distance chart, and i would draw the line at greeks and iranians

Jews can be white they will still be deported tho

Because thats not politically correct

Muh scientific authorities isnt an argument

Because those lines arent officially drawn

We can still make distinctions between groups

Muh scientific authorities

It doesnt matter that its socially constructed

Categories dont exist unless humans make them

Its a retarded point

Pointless figurehead

Who will implement fascist policies

Direct rule from Florida


So its straight to rail a ftm trans with muscles and a vagina or what

Conservative siding with the commies

I think every party has that issue

Well he didnt shit on the commies so


2018-06-04 01:12:33 UTC [Imperium Political Simulator #debate]  

And at its best point you expect the most births?

Nazbol sub party

Would be based

Yeah are you gay or something

I think hes coming out

They wouldnt get dark skin because white people know how to produce roof tops and sun screen

Not minor

No one gives a shit about nazi race theory

Race realist anthropologists back in the day laughed at them


Called a commie by nats and a nat by commies

Venezuela failed to implement socialism properly

One of the failures in venezuela is that they gave enough time for capital to flow out of the country

Instead of seizing it

Its only a failed implementation of socialism

Not socialism failing

Cuba was pretty amazing in comparison to its neigbors

Its a south american country they do pretty well for what they are

It describes a part of the right opposed to the jews or global capitalists within the right

Its like populism


Most nationalists dont see the jews

Ive been looking for that one tbh

I dont know for sure if Jews are the only ones who do this but

Basically the issue is one of loyalties

Your elite has to be ethnically the same as the people it rules over or you get dehumanization and subversion

Highest iq race promotes complete garbage


If youre materially constrained it limits your ability to self actualize

Which is what freedom actually means

Marxism is actually an individualist philosophy

Ebic names



Its about freeing yourself from material constraints and thereby having the most individual expression @🌼Kalina🌹🌸🌹Zay🌹🌸🌹Scott🌼

Muh Rhodesia

It did

World super power


The deaths even if they occured resulted in rapid industrialization from an agrarian state

It was temporary and they solved famines

You only expect the mass starvation under the poor conditions russia was in to begin with

Join fascist gang

Yeah this is larp

Fake coup

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