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2019-03-21 19:59:24 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-03-21 20:01:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Because this is a flat earther server????

2019-03-21 20:01:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:03:21 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Here is a question up for debate:
If the 'Earth is flat' how come humans have been to space but we - humans - have never been to the ice wall at the 'edge of the earth'?

2019-03-21 20:06:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Have there ever been any photographs of these so called 'ice walls'

2019-03-21 20:08:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

So you are saying that the only ice walls in world are only in Antarctica, what lines the other 'edges of the world'?

2019-03-21 20:11:15 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Lets clarify something before I answer, you believe that the earth is flat

2019-03-21 20:11:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-03-21 20:11:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Herro Callum

2019-03-21 20:13:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

No according to some people it is a flat disc that was made by god in six or whatever days and ect

2019-03-21 20:13:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  


2019-03-21 20:13:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Did you know that the earth isn't a sphere

2019-03-21 20:13:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

It is an oblate spheroid

2019-03-21 20:15:49 UTC [The Ice Wall #civil-debate]  

Its literally here in some KS1 science

2019-03-21 20:18:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #ufos]  

Technically, an unidentified flying object could be anything

2019-03-21 20:18:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #ufos]  

It could be a plate thrown like a frisbee at your head (if you didn't know what it was at the time)

2019-03-21 20:22:55 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

What would people gain from lying about the earth being flat

2019-03-21 20:23:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:23:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Same as Earth

2019-03-21 20:23:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Simple Physics

2019-03-21 20:25:15 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

To be completely accurate the earth is an oblate spheroid

2019-03-21 20:26:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And what has that got to do with the shape of the earth exactly?

2019-03-21 20:27:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And that is what earth has

2019-03-21 20:27:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:27:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yes it does

2019-03-21 20:27:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:28:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You learn the shape of the earth in Year 1

2019-03-21 20:28:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:28:51 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

GCSE physics

2019-03-21 20:28:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

paper 1

2019-03-21 20:29:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And how do I do that

2019-03-21 20:30:22 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And where is your proof that the earth is flat then

2019-03-21 20:33:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The 'blue marble'

2019-03-21 20:33:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:33:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:33:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and where are the pictures of your so called 'flat earth'

2019-03-21 20:34:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Here you go

2019-03-21 20:34:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

that website should help you 'flat earthers'

2019-03-21 20:36:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 You didn't provide proof of your 'flat earth'

2019-03-21 20:37:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And that is what we have

2019-03-21 20:37:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:37:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Well I can't

2019-03-21 20:38:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Because I am sat in a house in Swindon

2019-03-21 20:38:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

not a science lab

2019-03-21 20:38:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:38:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Well I don't care about your flat earth 'theory' why don't you find evidence for that?

2019-03-21 20:41:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I am not a nasa fan boy, I prefer to use the phrase normal person

2019-03-21 20:41:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:41:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

good to know

2019-03-21 20:42:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You call me thick, when you belong to a 'community' of people that was disproved by the Ancient Greeks

2019-03-21 20:42:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Now that is delusional

2019-03-21 20:43:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yes, we get it

2019-03-21 20:43:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

A video posted by a crazy person

2019-03-21 20:44:34 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Look, here we go, Flat Earthers are crazy

2019-03-21 20:44:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:45:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We just live in the 21st century

2019-03-21 20:46:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You guys are retarded

2019-03-21 20:47:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And the NHS as well as the Police can provide many mental health facilities to help you recover.

2019-03-21 20:47:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:48:31 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

i Am A fLaTtIe AnD mY mUm AnD dAd ArE bRoThEr AnD sIsTeR

2019-03-21 20:49:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

All planets are oblate spheroids

2019-03-21 20:50:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  
2019-03-21 20:50:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

And it has been proven you specialton

2019-03-21 20:51:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:51:15 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

That is just dangerous

2019-03-21 20:51:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I have asked you to show me a flat earth and you haven't

2019-03-21 20:52:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I think that @🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 has been eating some of the good old magic mushrooms

2019-03-21 20:54:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 The core of the Earth is a solid ball of iron, this is because of immense pressure (from gravity) not allowing it to turn to liquid. And if you payed attention in science class, **IRON IS MAGNETIC**

2019-03-21 20:55:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

IRON IS MAGNETIC and the earths core is iron

2019-03-21 20:55:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:55:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:55:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:56:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Should I dig out my year 9 science book for you, so it will explain it in simple ways

2019-03-21 20:56:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

for your simple mind to understand

2019-03-21 20:57:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:57:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:58:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Here we go, how come humans have been to space, but not the so called 'edge of the earth'?

2019-03-21 20:58:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 20:58:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Nah, its round

2019-03-21 20:59:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We have known that since the ancient greeks

2019-03-21 21:00:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

This is how these flat earth braindead people work: I have no proof and so I will just avoid answering

2019-03-21 21:05:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 21:05:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-21 21:05:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

There ya go

2019-03-21 21:05:51 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

The day night cycle

2019-03-22 10:57:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Everybody on this server is mentally ill

2019-03-22 10:57:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-22 10:57:51 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-22 10:58:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Thinking the earth is flat is pretty retarded

2019-03-22 10:58:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

So you are an incest Alabama baby?

2019-03-22 10:58:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Nah, looks pretty round to me

2019-03-22 10:58:56 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-22 10:59:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I have

2019-03-22 10:59:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You can s is it wherever you are

2019-03-22 10:59:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It’s called the equator

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