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So what makes you guys believe in flat earth? I'm not looking for an argument just a friendly discussion.

Time to think of how to bypass mee6 lmfao

9ǝǝɯ noʎ ΚžΙ”nβ„²

9ǝǝɯ noʎ ΚžΙ”nβ„²

How does one try you?

Do i like rip off a leg and take a little nibble?

Mee6 is a piece of ʇᴉΙ₯s

You have no proof i did anything wrong.

You could be reading that wrong.

It could be just random symbols.

For all you know it could be "hi" in an alien language.

I'm going to bed gn everyone.

And if they know that you are allergic to said substance they will inject you with a substitute for that substance that does the exact same thing.

ΚžΙ”nɟ you mee6

I mean your stance on flu vaccines kinda pisses me off but like as long as you're not giving me Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ measles idfc.

Nope. I usually get one that lasts like Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ 5 years.

So i go to get one every 5 years.

It's expensive asf but like i ain't tryna get poked.

I've never had the flu in my life.

Just because you don't get the flu doesn't mean you don't carry it.

Nobody likes the flu though.

Like they're not being hypochondriacs.

They just don't like getting sick.

Flu shots are especially important to little kids.

Doesn't mean people enjoy it.

Maybe have a debate with a couple of people.

@πŸ„The Mad PhilosopherπŸ„ So how do you believe in flat earth and hollow earth at the same time? lmfao.

Alright Mr. Vaccines are gonna Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ kill you.

Dude i've gotten flu vaccines all of my life and have never had the flu or anything even close to the flu.

And i'm playing watchdogs 2.

oH YoU KnOw tHe gOvErNmEnT CoNtRoLs tHe iNtErNeT NoW

All i did was point out that the vaccine was made in 1950.

The human race wasn't exactly technologically advanced back then.

In all seriousness though i'm just Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ with you guys. I don't care about vaccines or your stance on vaccines. Do what makes you happy.

Dude i'm actually about to Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ die.

Don't bring up that dead baby shit.

Keep in mind these vaccines are almost never used.

So it's not like they're aborting babies willy nilly for vaccines.

WI-38 is a diploid human cell strain composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-months gestation aborted female fetus.

Owie you hurtedededed my feelings.


Or maybe you got raped. What do you do if you don't want that person's child? Ζƒuα΄‰ΚžΙ”nɟ abort it.

What if you didn't want a child and you got raped?

You would deletus the fetus.

Also at that point the baby has no memories.

Yet you've probably jizzed like 100 times in your life.

Meaning you've killed 100 children.

But he's arguing that cells have memories.

Yeah yeah i know that was a joke chill.

I'll do what i want cuz' a pirate is free.

My nut should "nut" be coming to life.

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