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2019-03-25 03:03:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-03-25 03:03:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-25 03:04:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Wheat have feelings now?

2019-03-25 03:05:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

ah right

2019-03-25 03:05:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

Jump, you feel gravity, gravity in space made the other planets spherical, if that is true, our planet is spherical as well.
Simple as simple can be

2019-03-25 03:09:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-03-25 03:09:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

yeah meat has like .o1 carbs my dude

2019-03-25 03:11:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

wait, are you agreeing with me or disagreeing?

Mullar just sent his findings on the 2016 US presidential election Russia screwup to the Supreme Court, and now we wait

We have factual evidence of planetary life sustainability, and why the moon can't hold life.

The moon doesn't have an atmosphere

But we also don't have evidence that their isn't life underneath the moons surface

We don't know if there is or isn't life on the moon

There are many solar systems in our milky way galaxy, and there are many galaxies in our cluster, and many clusters in our super cluster.

So not that unlikely there is life on 1 of the millions, if not billions of solar systems in the universe

We just have no way of knowing.

Well the moon isn't exactly a warm environment for plants

Plus you Need an atmosphere for life to grow

I Can understand, different atmospheres might make different life

That's a good theory I'm willing to belive

But unless the life you're talking about thrives in acual space, then no, life can't be sustained on the surface of the moon

That does sound cool ngl

But they do need to breath


He's giving an opinion

Humans are what primal apes turned into, they wanted to use their arms for grabbing higher things, they evolved to have their spines upright

But evolution, is basically working out over generations

Teaching the young how to work out their body

And helping the next generation along

And teaching the next generation how to help the generation after

2019-04-26 17:06:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #ufos]  

Aliens exist, we exist on this one planet, we know trillions of planets exist, preeeety sure at least 1 or 2 of them have life other than us

2019-04-26 17:08:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:09:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It is a joke

2019-04-26 17:11:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Then get into a helicopter and look at Brazil, if you can't, then there is a curve

2019-04-26 17:13:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Concave is a joke

2019-04-26 17:13:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Sphere earth is true.

2019-04-26 17:13:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:15:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:15:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

He's a joke

2019-04-26 17:16:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Find a picture that isn't a meme of pear earth

2019-04-26 17:16:37 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I'll wait

2019-04-26 17:17:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Globe earther

2019-04-26 17:19:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

DoUgHnUt EaRtH

2019-04-26 17:20:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:20:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:21:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2019-04-26 17:22:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Earth is cylinder

Is Mars a spinning ball:yes, is the moon a spinning ball:yes, is Saturn a spinning ball:yes, if all of these are true I suppose the earth is just a frisbee

I still don't understand how the earth could even be flat

I'm a human

Why not?

It's a nice username

But I'm not here to judge usernames

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