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"H-hey Jacob... d-do you wanna, y'know, maybe *study together*?" "Nah bb I don't study in groups"

Tbh for bugs video game music is made to be non-distracting so a lot of people listen to it while studying


Hey can you change my nickname to put the dash after the space, it's triggering my autism


>Denying that we're all autistic in some form or another

Speedreading is a skill everyone should invest in

Apparently something like 30% of Norway's forest search and rescue service is rescuing black metal bands that get lost doing photoshoots inawoods

"Gods 2", this is new levels of we wuz'ing

One of those TrueDilTom style exposes on the state of modern ironic memes?


more like abortnite- zoomers btfo

They say the person in the video was doxxed and is in fact a girl, but I suspect this is a ploy for us to lapse judgement- that's when traps are most dangerous

Untapped market advertising opportunity: Fortnite IE crossover themed youtube music parodies

Hit the youth demographic

Hippies back then at least somewhat challenged the status quo even if they were agitated into doing so by subversive parties. Modern hippie types are just enforcers of the worst, tried out status quo, so I have no respect for them.

Give these out to homelesss when?

True. It's like the bugman situation with beards and tattoos. Used to be present in the lifestyles of certain types of men associated with having masculine qualities, but now just adopted by those who want to cargo cult for those qualities they can't otherwise get.

Some people like my avi, some hate it... it's a hit or miss really.

@Freiheit - CA If you don't recognize it search "hit or miss girl" on youtube

Random cosplayer. As with most memes don't read too much into it

nyannyancosplay on twitter

I just had an epiphany. D-day location was chosen because the Brits were still salty against Normandy 878 years later.


2018-11-01 00:20:51 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


waiting for the clever joke names that slip through

Tier 4 vetting - probe and brain scan

The Irish side slipping through

Cringe and redpilled


TikTok is the inevitable evolution of vine

Faith Goldy needs to do TikToks

Better than the knockout game

Bledge best role

Abomination, more like salvation

Yes in the past Steve King lost the early votes but in the end won handily

Similar story with all multiple past elections. "Muh racist" reporting hasn't done much

Raced and bedpilled and also prohibited

beta o rourke

ted cruisin to victory

Don't forget that sotomayor has bad diabetes

Inb4 another brain tumor *"how many times do we have to teach you old men?"*

Although Lindsay has bent the knee so who knows with Romney

Sorry which rule

californians should be scared away legally with megaphones


PNW best region

Nordic weather m8


>having water

Actually I can't make fun of CA [redacted] rights anymore because of WAs new awful initiative...

The eternal libertarian purist

Broward County is the home of a lot of the recent shooters as well. Weird spot.

Teach 'em right

Don't send them to a school that looks like the students are out of an Amerimutt genealogy meme

And thanks, some people are very angry about it constantly, which is my sustenence

Fortunately my school had just few enough of each minority that they were always forced to integrate because they didn't have the numbers to form their own social groups. Just a few more here and there and it would've been an issue.

Protip: Don't actually crouch around like in Skyrim

*friends all die* "Hmm... must've been the wind" If only antifa were as clueless.

I know people who are 25 still earning their bachelor's. It's not uncommon for people to spend 5, 6 years, or longer. Having a goal and not messing around cluelessly is what's relevant.

Sending memes is part of the zoomer courting ritual

9gag army represent ๐Ÿ’ช

@Jacob Just send her bapbook

Raced and bedpilled

Isn't spoon spam a styx thing?

If she actually sent you that, make something happen man

Is minecraftposting against the rules?

Something about fisherman advice

>*friends* with women

ok sweaty

Careful before I print 100 of these off and paste them everywhere

@Papa Pizzagate That's pretty based, WN twitter repping nyannyanโœŠ

Siegurd_Vandal pardon

Yes I listened to the war room 2 years ago ok

Depending on the circumstances of the nation political activism can be anything from community to career to even physical fitness :>

A good relationship has a foundation of an exchange of a reasonable quantity of livestock

Tbh a routine with consistent weight progression and rest days is better than a flat 100 push ups a day imo

We're in the IE discord general chat

Actually they have a few studies that suggest a clean bulk over a longer period, gaining more slowly, has more progress than sharper bulks and cuts. Dunno how universal this is

Tbh wage laws depend on a lot of other factors like unions and corporate power and government programs, it's kinda dumb to have an ideological position on wage laws

Scandanavia mostly doesn't have minimum wages because they just have unions for everything

The problem with variable minimum wage is that it's tough not to force some people out

Just get rid of currency and have rations and social credit system

Who was it that's selling canned air from the 80s?

There was also a rapper who marketed some canned air from a mountaintop or something

People in china bought it, naturally

It starts as lettuce picking arms on treads, it ends with arms forcing you to pick lettuce at treadpoint

Moike Moike Moike

Irish Internet Defense Force

@Reinhard Wolff Ben had a question ^^^

Islam is like the weather in England

Even if it's Sunni, it's still Shiite

Where do I go for the members forum?

Or do I need pledge removed before I can access

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