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Did anyone catch my latest rant?

Thank you. I feel... Um... Welcomed.


I've been kicked out of flat earth chats for that picture more than once...🤣

This is one of my favorites.👆

I lurk in Sausalito Kalifornia at present.

I think we still need another 600k signatures. It might happen.

Just saying... They can dance? Will they care if it's on our corpses?

Will they even notice the difference?

This👆 is freaking me the flip out...

Dat nottsa cgi myfolk. Dats real.


Thank you Kay, for what you did for me. That really touched my heart in a way I can't even find the words to properly express. That was a beautiful gift. Thank you!!

Welcome N.E.W.S WATCHMAN2. Happy New Year!

It'll certainly be an interesting one.

Tomorrow is a big day. Are you ready?

Tomorrow might be the day that WE THE PEOPLE begin to take out the trash.

I believe in moral value and truth. I never let my opinion get in the way of fact.

👆...my take on things.

That's me.

I'm pretty sure I got booted from Truthflix server for my anti-flat-earth memes.

I was only joking...


@Speck. I'm seeing a LOT of people in DC already. Tomorrow is going to be epic!

@Speck I'm worried about that too. Pray for everyone there, because whatever happens there tomorrow will potentially spread all across the country. Let's all Pray that we stay on the right side of history.

❗❗Lead and keep the sheep. Feed and comfort the sheep. Kill the wolves! ❗❗

That's my prayer for the day.

Be safe everyone.

Trump on the ground in person? EPIC COOL. I was wondering if his speech would be live or on the big screen today.

...so much for staying calm... And so it begins.

WASHINGTON (KUSI) — The woman who was shot and killed inside the US Capitol during the protests was from the San Diego area.

KUSI News has spoken with her husband.

The woman is Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran, who served four tours with the US Air Force, and was a high level security official throughout her time in service.

Her husband says she was a strong supporter of President Trump, and was a great patriot to all who knew her.

The Metropolitan Police Department says an investigation into her death continues.

KUSI sends our condolences to her family and all who knew her.

I don't know. But the above is the official story being put out.

Patriots will make a serious dent in history books with today's actions. Pray. Seriously. This is the opening salvo in an enormous cleansing ceremony... It's going to get downright fucking ugly before it gets any better.

This is all starting to look like the short bus sort of special.... The patriots were suppose to unite, but they choose to allow infiltraters to ignite (prematurely ejaculate) instead... This is a really fucking pathetic way to ignite an honest revolution. I'm not impressed.

I have to say I'm pissed off. We're watching the literal theft of our government.

Well, This shit is going downhill fast...


If they really want a "Big Reset" so damned badly, maybe we should show them one. Patriot style. I'm not going to just sit around tapping my foot nervously watching them steal our children's futures from them.

I really do hope someone had the good sense to steal Nancy Pelosi's gavel from the podium while they all were in the House Chamber. That would be a trophy of epic proportions.

I also agree. It's either the Insurrection Act, or we will have to watch as America crumbles and our rights finish evaporating.

We might see civil war too. I guess that's another possibility.

I wish I could disagree, but I can't. My heart breaks for what's about to happen in America.

Our biggest mistake yesterday was not waiting until AFTER the electoral votes were counted. In order to stay on the right side of history, and all.

I'm certain that ant ifa planned their breaching ff specifically to screw that option up.

We all know it was an ti fa that got those doors open.


Timestamps don't lie.

This has FF written all over it.

He must have forgotten that "woman" is now considered sexist by the libtards. He failed at his ridiculous attempt at equality on that one... Furthermore, as a Christian, I find his lack of understanding concerning the correct meaning of the word "Amen" highly offensive...

Amen= "verily" "truly" "it is true" and "let it be so". It has jack to do with gender.

Sorry... I was watching Frankly there in the bottom corner... Lol.


They need to either use the q-tip, or get off the Koolaid.

Their breath smells like strawberry flavored teen spirit?

Regardless of any political ideology, we all have to admit to one blatant truth... Who can accept the idea of tech giants like Facebook or Twitter taking it upon themselves to decide whether or not an elected President currently holding office doesn't have the right to address the nation?

And furthermore, who ever gave CNN or NSMBC the right or the authority to think for America and tell us what we should believe?

These people are NOT your allies. They DON'T have your best interest in mind.

Tick, tick, tick....

@ScrapMetalDragon Thank you for that! I've been busy all day talking friends back from the ledge... Now isn't the time for emotional reaction. It's the time for organised response.

Angry? That doesn't begin to describe how I personally feel about all this... But HOW to respond? That is an important question we all need to be asking and considering.

We are in a very pivotal time... Slight actions right now could have huge consequences. Let's make sure we make the right decisions.

The survival of our Republic... It depends on us. We can't fuck that up.

Thanks for taking screenshots. We all need to be documenting this stuff.

Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online. Everything from Hillary Clinton's emails, McCain's being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic. Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on..... https://file.wikileaks.org/file/... These are Clinton’s emails: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/clinton-emails/

Index file! https://file.wikileaks.org/file/?fbclid=IwAR2U_Evqah_Qy2wxNY12FMqFC5dAFUcZL5Kl4FIfQuMFMp8ssbM46oHXWMI

Send to everyone you can as fast as you can! b
Index of /file/

FYI. There's a lot more files there now than when I saw it the first time...

I just finally realised... This is ManBearPig.


I'm getting sick of this Q crap about trusting the plan. The next time some jackass tells me to trust the plan, I'm going to be tempted to break their nose and tell them to trust the napkin.

I understand that, and I didn't mean for that to sound like I was referring to you. I wasn't. I'm just venting in general.

@red you're an awesome source of great info. I respect that more than you probably realise.

I know I can sometimes be a bit of a smart ass, but I'm a patriot all the way through. I'm just getting really frustrated by this situation. Creepy Uncle Sniffy and Princess Kneepads getting the nuclear codes make a travesty look like a knitting club.

This is double unplus not good.

Right on, Ted. I'd sign that letter with you! A lot of us would!!

Please watch the above... It's important.

Folks, this new dump has a lot more added than the last dump had. This isn't old.

Always save the evidence... Eventually it matters. Just because you already know doesn't mean others do. We need to tell them.

I've been down the rabbit hole for decades... I never let that allow me to think everyone must already know too.

Your response tells me you're not missing the forest for the trees... You're forgetting that the forest is made of trees.

Forget it then. I guess spreading truth is a lost cause... Right?

Always important to "know thy enemy."

All us ants need to know, to stand up all together. This fight is barely beginning... Warfare INCLUDES intelligence. In fact, it depends on it.

That tells me you didn't see all the info.

Now it's buried up the thread where a lot of others will miss it too. Nice work. I'm outta here.

Ok. I will tell you what you're missing before I go.

The people all across America are at a breaking point. With many, all it will take to wake them into action may be that one bit of information that connects the dots in what they already know. Our country is on a knifes edge. Don't discount what a little truth can do in the right ear.

Being a psychologist, I would know.

I only almost left because I thought I might be speaking on deaf ears. A lot of people need spoken to right now, and I only have so much time.

America is wheat and tares mixed together. We don't need to wake up the tares... Just the wheat. The tares will not become bread.

God told us that there's a way to touch the unreachable. David used a sling.

Um... David and his sling killed Goliath.

Both folds are the same cloak.

Actually, I'm starting to enjoy this conversation now that I've finally gotten some coffee down this morning. @Lᵃʷ ᵂʳᵉⁿ

@The KnightRider I think he still might do exactly that.

There is still time.

I have a lazy coffee maker.

They're scrubbing DLive too folks. A lot of streamers have been nuked.

@The KnightRider Stay strong. Keep the faith. If Trump fails, we're all that is left. Keep it steady brother.

Honestly, I've never looked at who owns DLive.

(I see Red is busy doing the good work today) post, post, post. Awesome work@red )

Ты мой любимый человек, Red!
(Your my favorite person, Red)

I couldn't resist!! Lol.@red

Anyone got any thoughts on this one?


@Lᵃʷ ᵂʳᵉⁿ. (It is a subtle meme. Perhaps too subtle.)

@everyone ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be walking away from YouTube very soon. You can find my first upload (uploaded today) on my discord server. Blessings!! I'll do a very short YouTube vid today or tomorrow to point my YouTube subs to the new location.


Sorry... I found that too funny to stay in the background.

I'm not lurking per se. I'm just multitasking... No time to toe type much right now.

@Karnivore You make very good points there. Now I'm actually a little worried...

...et tu Firefox? Et tu?

Good point.

Cleansing... Sounds like ajax.

Not in a good way either

Nah. He's stuck at a deer crossnig.

This is why I referred to ajax earlier.

...I'm with Law wren on this one. There's plenty of installed power for an inauguration... I've never seen them pull out portable power for a stationery inauguration event before, but then again, I wasn't looking before.

...it gets easier once you learn the color codes.

Are you kidding?! If I try to cram any more installs down my phone's throat, it'll probably puke all over the rug and divorce me.

We're all downdifferent rabbit holes today... So much Intel all at once coming in... (Head explodes)

Where to begin... China is censoring Americans off of WeChat now.

Parler goes down at midnight...

Trump has been tossed from FB until at least the 20th.

Rumors flying around about the insurrection act going into affect soon our already... No verified source yet on my end for that last.

They're starting another impeachment tomorrow.

Nancy's laptop has some juicy Seth Rich stuff on it... Like the missing stuff everyone has been adjoining about... The laptop is in good hands now...

Like I said... Where to begin.

Trump has been all over the map these last couple days. I wonder what he's up to... He seems to be going to a lot of military places too.

Somethings afoot.

Omaha...Kansas City... Looks like st Luis next

You got a link to Trump @ Library tv?

That chatter I've been hearing about, concerning possible armed protests leading up to inauguration day, seems to be valid. I'm hearing that the FBI is also hearing that sort of chatter... I just figured I'd let you know and ask everyone to keep an ear to the ground for any Intel on the situation. I'm hearing it won't just be in DC from the 17th to 20th, but possibly nationwide at State Capitols too starting a bit earlier. I think it may not go well and I'm encouraging people to pray for the situation.


<@798283316359856148> Is that you Vince?

Anything on a live speech look from the Trumpster yet? I keep hearing rumors...

He's allegedly going to make a speech today.

.. Alamo. Hmmm. Hidden connotation, anyone? Insert tin hat.

I've been seeing a lot of subtle hints lately... Almost code like.

Even the flight patterns are a bit suspiciously leading.... Something is afoot.

...What's on tap?

Sign me up for the Kombucha. It sounds like a well fermented recollection of verified reflection lately.

@Lᵃʷ ᵂʳᵉⁿ I'm smelling a lot of rabbit holes lately in all this confusion... We need to really be discerning what is fact versus fiction right now. Our LIVES might hang in the balance.

... If I may...

We ALL need to realise that facts matter right now.

We all have a skill or a talent for looking at this from a specific angle...

Let's all REALLY work to realise our place in this.

Bongino has an ownership in parler...

He has some good info today on his podcast.

@everyone We all need to not allow our opinions to override fact right now. There is a lot of bullshit going around right now, and separating fact from friction and fiction right now isn't our privilege. It's our DUTY


... Excitedly awaiting hard evidence.

I developed an allergy to bullshit and I'm afraid it's lost me a few friends.

Mike Adams still has to apologize publicly for his chicken little ceremony about the covid scare before I'll clack his links.

He buried his ass in the sand eating crow for his bullshit between January and June of 2020.

But he forgot to chew and swallow that crow..

Hard stuff to have to hear. But it's true. Stay strong everyone. We've just barely started standing against this. We need to be brave and unflinching.

Any word on Nancy Pelosi? She seems... Absent all of a sudden.

POTUS speech tomorrow

I hear rumors she's being questioned... Possible possibly put on restricted duty.

Something about the laptop

It has all the Seth Rich stuff on it too.

Nancy's laptop has the Seth Rich thumb drive data.

It's an open investigation. It's not theory.

There's solid information connecting Nancy's laptop to not only Biden/China and Hillary/uranium 1, but I'm told threes data regarding SRA, AND some really creepy info about the whole human trafficking thing.

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